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Resources For Creating A Nourishing Home

Every company and product featured in the recommended and resources pages can help you to create a nourishing home — an environment that nourishes your well-being and reduces your stress and your pain. Each of the categories below are areas that I focus on in my own life. 

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Body + Mind
resources to Help You Thrive

The reality is, you don’t really need any gear to practice Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® or Mindfulness. A couple of hand towels, a bath towel or two, a rug to lay down on, and someplace to sit are really all you’ll ever need. But, there are also some tools out there that can help regulate your nervous system, support your immune system, and offer you a greater movement experience. 

As you may know, I believe that it's important to have a variety of movements to keep you well and thriving — from the gentle explorations of Awareness Through Movement to movements that demand a bit more strength & endurance. 


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A Nourishing Kitchen
resources to Keep You Nourished

To support you in your food-loving nourishing needs, I've brought together all of my favorite clean eating resources. Nourishing ourselves with food is about so much more than the nutrients we consume — although the nourishment our body receives is crucial for our well-being and for a happy, healthy nervous system.

But the nourishment doesn't stop there.  Spending time in the kitchen and at the table can be an opportunity to connect with others, from your significant other to a posse of friends. And as you might already know, having social connections is one of the 8 Habits Of Nourishing Your Nervous System. Plus, spending time slicing and dicing can offer you a unique opportunity to move about and entice your senses (movement is also crucial for a healthy nervous system). 


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Grow Your Mind
books that will move you

Here you will find most of my favorite books—from Feldenkrais Books to reads on neuroplasticity, trauma, mindfulness, anatomy, human development and more. If it’s listed I have read it, done it, and loved it!

The bulk of these resources are from Amazon, but some of the books come from other sources like Feldenkrais Resources. I do believe in supporting our local and small businesses, so before you purchase books online please see if they are available at your local book store.