A space for those who live with pain to connect, nourish, and thrive.


I’ve joined forces with a Registered Dietitian and a Mindfulness-based Meditation Teacher to help those with chronic pain and autoimmune disease thrive. We merge the best of self-paced learning and live classes. With our growing library and monthly courses, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to implement the lifestyle habits that are necessary to reduce suffering and move beyond pain.

Now you can get a taste of what we have to offer by exploring our 7-Day Free Trial. Look around, enjoy a lesson or two and see if the membership moves you.


What You Receive



life embodied

The cause of pain and discomfort isn't always obvious. Often it’s our habits of moving, thinking, sensing, and feeling that make our symptoms worse.

Discover how your movement habits are contributing to your pain and discomfort. Then learn how to move with ease and joy again. You can easily transform the way that you move in as little as 30-minutes once a week and 5-minutes a day. Let us show you how!



In the Embodied Wellness Membership, we'll guide you through the process of creating a regular meditation practice. And we'll show you how to bring mindfulness into everyday life!

As you capacity to be mindful grows you'll let go of unnecessary stress, meet physical challenges with greater ease, and live your life with more joy.

Culinary Nutrition Embodied Wellness


Certain lifestyle habits and choices over time result in metabolic imbalances which promote a more inflammatory environment. Food is one of those lifestyle habits that can have a BIG impact on our inflammation.

As part of the Well-Being portion of the membership, we'll focus on clean eating and inspired cooking. We'll explore theories of eating and ways to re-connect with the sensorial delights of food. You'll also receive recipes + suggestions to help keep cooking easy and your belly full. There'll be no feeling deprived here.


supportive COMMUNITY

When you join the Embodied Wellness Membership, you gain access to a members-only community.

This is where the magic happens! It's a safe space where you can connect with others — from fellow students to helping & healing practitioners. You can also receive support by joining one of our accountability topics or finding an accountability buddy to learn and grow with. It's also a safe haven to ask questions, share your experiences, and give & receive support.


Learn with others

As part of the Embodied Wellness Membership, you have access to a number of live classes that are held online via Zoom — a video-based online platform.

The live classes are a wonderful opportunity to learn live and connect with your community. Plus there are classes offered from each of the above domains — movement, mindfulness, and nourishment.



Membership Roots

A Collaborative Endeavor

The Embodied Wellness Membership is a collaborative endeavor that I hope will continue to grow and thrive over time. Since this little nugget of online goodness is greater than just me, it has its own home over at aSpaceToGrow.org

My soulful vision is to create an online space that is more than a business, but a space to grow community. A space to develop meaningful professional and personal relationships. Where like-minded practitioners from around the world can support one another in growing their life’s work and passion by sharing and collaborating online.


If so, then consider joining he Embodied Wellness Professional Membership. This will include nearly all of the same features and offerings within the regular Embodied Wellness Membership. But that's not all! You’ll also have access to practitioner only resources and benefits.