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The reality is, you don’t really need any gear to practice Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® or Mindfulness. A couple of hand towels, a bath towel or two, a rug to lay down on, and someplace to sit are really all you’ll ever need. But, there are also some tools out there that can help regulate your nervous system, support your immune system, and offer you a greater movement experience. 

As you may know, I believe that it's important to have a variety of movements to keep you well and thriving — from the gentle explorations of Awareness Through Movement to movements that demand a bit more strength & endurance. 

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Have fun

be embodied

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I love the Bellicon! This bouncy delight is a wonderful and playful way to bring you back into your self. It's playful. It's invigorating. Most importantly it gets things moving — muscles, lymph, and more. It's one of my favorite ways to break up my work days! 

But that's not all! When used gently, and with the guidance of a Somatic Experiencing practitioner the Bellicon can be a part of your neuro-regulation process. Check out what Peter Levine,  the originator and developer of Somatic Experiencing® and the Director of The Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, has to say about it. 


Expand + Challenge

Grow Your Abilities



hang, balance, lengthen + roll

Pull-Up Bar

This is absolutely the first prop that I recommend purchasing. Although I believe that it's a good idea that we're each able to pull our body weight up, that isn't actually the number one reason I recommend this prop. I think the power of this prop is the simple act of having an opportunity to hang around. 

Check out this short video by Katie Bowman on how to support your shoulders in hanging. Now obviously she's outside and I hope that you get to monkey around outside, too. But, having an accessible bar in your home can ensure that you get a bit more hang-time on a daily basis. 

Half Foam Roller

This is by far the second most useful prop that I'd recommend purchasing. I cannot say enough about how often I use the half foam rollers. I highly recommend purchasing at least two. Why two? Because, you'll be able to use them as a duo in ways you can't use a single half round. With two, you can explore standing on them (one under each foot) for balance work. You might play with the flat side down or up. 

But balance work isn't the only thing that you can use these for. In fact, I'd say I tend to use them more for lengthening my calves and exploring different angles of my ankles as I'm standing (working in my office, in the kitchen while chopping, or watching a movie).  

BOSU Ballast Ball

I have to admit, I'm a bit biased by this ball. You see, I had an opportunity to play with it while the inventor was refining his production. The original was actually an exercise ball with sand in it. Obviously the ball would last with the rough sand, but it was the beginning of a glorious idea. 

The BOSU® Ballast® Ball is  designed to stay put and not wander. This makes it ideal for a desk chair that inspires movement. Plus you can pick this blue ball of joy up and move it about for a bit of strengthening. The sounds of the 'sands' moving within can offer a way to play with rhythm while challenging your strength. FUN!


I've been using rollers for years (and years). I'm a BIG fan of having one around to lay on, roll with, balance on, etc. 

But this roller is special. It was created by Stacy Barrows, a Doctor of Physical Therapy +  Feldenkrais Practitioner.  She invented the SMARTROLLER to better support her clients; especially those who found traditional cylindrical rollers too uncomfortable, difficult or dangerous to use. This patented foam roller is softer than most and has one side that is flatter to decrease roller movement and one side that is rounder to  increase roller movement.

Note: You can purchase the SMARTROLLER without the book. However, if you're new to this lovely piece of purple bliss then I'd highly recommend getting the guide to go along with it.



Intensify Your Movement

add weight, resistance + more


Exercise Bands

Exercise bands are probably the most affordable way to add a bit of resistance to your body-weight movements. Plus they don't take up much space. So, they're easy to tuck away at home when you're not using them or pack 'em up when you're on the go. 

The link I've shared here actually goes to a set that includes : Workout and Rehab Bands, Heavy Exercise Bands, Fitness Bands with Door Anchor, Ankle Straps, and Resistance Loops. With all of those options, you can move against resistance in a whole variety of ways.  


More Strength Building Fun!


Foot Love

foot play for everyday


Free Your Feet

More Awareness + Better Mobility


Massage + Sensory Balls
For Your Feet

I keep balls like this in nearly every room in my home and office. I tend to do a lot of exploration with them in standing. But, from time-to-time you'll find me rolling one of the spikier balls under my foot while sitting. I find they work wonders for waking my feet up, getting the blood flowing, and expanding my movement options. 


Balance Pods

These little domes of joy are a great way to enliven your feet while playing with balance. You can set-up a path to walk on, mixing up the configuration from time-to-time. Or you can explore more advance movements like balancing on one foot and touching the floor. 

However, you don't need these pods to start exploring the above movements. You can playing with balance by creating a throw pillow trail in your living room and start walking that (make sure their on a rug and not hardwood). But if you want to pod it up, I'd recommend these colorful nuggets. 

Toe Socks To Wear With Shoes

If you know me, then you know that I LOVE my toe socks. I feel like my little piggies get a bit more breathing space when they each have their own sleeve.

But that's not all. Toe socks can also be a great introduction to starting to unfurl the feet. If your new to toe socks, then you might want to start slow and build up. Some people find starting with 20-30 minutes a day and then adding more time as they go is a good way to begin.

Non-Slip Toe Socks For Your Home + Studio

I started purchasing the non-slip version of toe socks when I moved to Troy, NY. I had two separate slips on our wooden stairs and decided a little extra grip would be nice. I haven't had a fall since. 

I also find that the grip can add a bit of cushion. For some people this little extra cushion can help them to be more comfortable when transitioning out of house-shoes.