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Bruce's Story Chronic Pain

Bruce’s Progress with Pain

I am now approaching my 2nd year of attending Private Sessions. As I continue to experience nothing short of phenomenal growth in so many areas.

I have significantly reduced the # of medications I take/took regularly and have cut way back on the dosages of others. There has been such a reduction in pain overall that I was able to do things I hadn’t done in years, even decades, including riding my bicycle, cooking, and my main love, playing guitar.


Cindy’s Journey Of Discovery

Initially, I came to Buffy to see if the Feldenkrais Method could help me overcome limitations from an injury. I’ve stayed because it offered that and so much more.

As a mother and grandmother, I appreciate how Buffy’s expertise can benefit new parents and children and wish I had known of Feldenkrais when my children were young. Now, at 62, I benefit on many other levels. Each class is a journey of discovery for me. They’re challenging, but mentally and physically rewarding. I find a chance to laugh at myself and the habits I’ve developed over the years; habits that may have been useful when I was younger but now limit me. With Buffy’s guidance, I find new and easier ways to move and my listening, concentration and observation skills all improve.


Feldenkrais Healing Injury


Mel’s Brain Injury Betterment

I want you to know that Buffy’s coaching has helped me more than any other aspect of my brain injury rehab or retraining and I am so thankful for all she’s done.


Featured Courses & Programs

Our limitations, what ever they are, are easily surpassed by improving our ability to sense ourselves in motion. A crucial part of what is needed in order to tap into creativity, enhance well-being, or improve the way we move through life—is an internal understanding of what it means to be mindful and an embodied awareness of who we are. These two key elements can give you both the power and freedom to live a life of choice.

All of our our online courses and programs are designed to help you nurture these elements and to support you in creating a viable and sustainable home practice. As your practice deepens and your awareness grows, you’ll be able to inhabit it with greater confidence and ease in the face of whatever arises, inwardly and outwardly, throughout your life.

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