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Bruce's Story Chronic Pain

Bruce’s Progress with Pain

I am now approaching my 2nd year of attending Private Sessions. As I continue to experience nothing short of phenomenal growth in so many areas.

I have significantly reduced the # of medications I take/took regularly and have cut way back on the dosages of others. There has been such a reduction in pain overall that I was able to do things I hadn’t done in years, even decades, including riding my bicycle, cooking, and my main love, playing guitar.


Cindy’s Journey Of Discovery

Initially, I came to Buffy to see if the Feldenkrais Method could help me overcome limitations from an injury. I’ve stayed because it offered that and so much more.

As a mother and grandmother, I appreciate how Buffy’s expertise can benefit new parents and children and wish I had known of Feldenkrais when my children were young. Now, at 62, I benefit on many other levels. Each class is a journey of discovery for me. They’re challenging, but mentally and physically rewarding. I find a chance to laugh at myself and the habits I’ve developed over the years; habits that may have been useful when I was younger but now limit me. With Buffy’s guidance, I find new and easier ways to move and my listening, concentration and observation skills all improve.


Feldenkrais Healing Injury


Mel’s Brain Injury Betterment

I want you to know that Buffy’s coaching has helped me more than any other aspect of my brain injury rehab or retraining and I am so thankful for all she’s done.


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