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Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness & Well-Being

Interested In Meditation But Can’t Sit Still?

If you can feel it and sense it, then you can change it. Learning to merge the power of mindfulness & movement can help you to release toxic stress & chronic tension, reduce anxiety and cultivate a deeper sense of connection with LIFE.

Chronic Pain & Limitations

Return To The Activities You Enjoy!

Regardless of your age or condition, you have the ability to learn and to improve. Exploring gentle & mindful movements can help you to easily create new neural pathways for easing pain, improving range of motion, and lasting change.

Infants & Children

Supporting Development

Observation, respectful touch and supportive movement can help you to ensure that all of your baby’s systems receive the stimulation they need. Learn how to touch and move your baby in a way that nurtures healthy growth.

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Our limitations, what ever they are, are easily surpassed by improving our ability to sense ourselves in motion. A crucial part of what is needed in order to tap into creativity, enhance well-being, or improve the way we move through life—is an internal understanding of what it means to be mindful and awareness of how to move differently through life. I believe these two key elements give you both the power and freedom to live a life of choice.

Why Movement?

Movement is crucial for development. You began to move as early as five and a half weeks after conception. These early movements were your first lessons in learning how to interact with yourself and your environment. As a child, you modeled your behaviors and your movements after your caregivers. You learned how to navigate the world and took on beliefs and habits that now help to identify you.

I can show you how to use those habits as fuel for developing new brain connections in the way that you did when you were a child. I can help you to learn for yourself how to easily create new neural patterns that boost your creativity, increase your physical and emotional resilience, improve your intellectual vitality and bring you a general sense of soul centered well-being.

How Do You Do It?

Much of my formal education is in the study of the human mind & our movement— from my academic studies in Kinesiology & Psychology to a nearly 4-year Feldenkrais Professional Training Program. Now, all of what I teach involves learning how to harness the power of Mindfulness and the gentle movements of the Feldenkrais Method to fully engage your mind, invoke your curiosity, and keep you moving!

I love to Crossfit and I was having sore knees. Buffy helped me so much and brought an awareness that I still carry with me into workouts. When my son was diagnosed with developmental dyspraxia I knew Buffy could help him integrate his reflexes. Her rapport with my son was so sweet & he really looked forward to going. If you check her education you would be pleasantly surprised that she’s as smart as Spock! She’s got a passion for the physical and emotional body. She can certainly help you with yours.

Myself & My Son

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