What Sound Does The Moon Make

by Buffy Owens


“What sound does the Moon make?” he said to me on our way home from the park.

“I don’t know, what do you hear?” I replied.

The boy closed his eyes and turned his ears to the moon. There he stood, listening with his complete self. Listening to hear the whispers of the moon.

I watched him in awe.

How beautiful to ask such a tender question. How inspiring to turn inward, to listen.

The days passed and this question danced within me like a child hearing rhythm for the first time. “What sound does the moon make?” beckons the wise woman within. I feel the breath of the whispers but I can not hear the answer. “What sound does the moon make?” inquires my spirit. I feel the energy of the answer, but it eludes my conscious mind. “What sound does the moon make?”

Days pass and hours go by. The answer still avoiding my intellect, my conscious mind. So, I work, I read, I write and I walk.

Tonight I take a walk as I do many evenings. And there she is in all her grace. The moon dangling in a bright blue sky. Framed by the beauty of green and nurtured by the scent of the ocean in the air. “What sound does the moon make?” wells up inside of me and suddenly I am inspired by the boy. In the midst of my movement, I turn inward. I am still.

Just then, she speaks to me. She does not use words or gestures. Rather, she kisses my stillness and expands my consciousness. The colors around me are amplified, the blues are as deep as any ocean the green as vibrant as new life. My peripheral vision expands and I can sense the whole world around me. I am spacious. It is beautiful. It is full and light at the same time. 

It is the sound of the moon.

It is the stillness of the moment.

It is a blessing.