Labor is, ironically, a follow up to the video to the video BIRTH. Not only is this a stunning video, but the birth was attended by a local midwife team: HeartSpace Midwivery.  I do believe that both births were VBAC Births…which ads a bit more beauty to it all.


“Never underestimate the power and determination of a pregnant woman who is told she cannot.” -Desirre Andrews




Delicious Crab Apple Crisp

This year our Crab Apple trees are fruiting to the point of limbs nearly touching the ground.

Now if you are in upstate New York and have an apple tree in your yard, then you know that all apples are about to start abandoning their post. You may have already experienced these tiny tarts dive-bombing your car and your head. You might even be enjoying the sweet stench of those that are composting themselves right there on your lawn.

When one finally made contact with my thick head the other day, I realized that I needed to do something about it. Really?! Why on earth was I just letting these wonderfully organic and insanely accessible food bits go to rot? And why-oh-why wasn’t I enjoying the reaching up, squatting down and all the wonderful movements associated with gathering my harvest. So I grabbed two of my largest bowls (one for each tree) and started collecting my bounty.

What to do with all those super sour morsels?

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The Breast Crawl: Our First Movements Outside The Womb

Watching a baby do the Breast Crawl is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. It is nature at its best!

In the previous post you got a glorious overview of the Baby’s 9 Instinctive Stages. In this post we will dive into two of my favorite domains of study and the human experience—movement and sensation. We’ll begin to break it down so that you get a sense of the depth of brilliance that is behind this incredibly natural and insanely beautiful act.

The Newborn...

The newborn may appear helpless, but displays an impressive and purposeful motor activity which, without maternal assistance, brings the baby to the nipple.

-Michelson et al 1996 (1)

The Basics & The Beautiful

Most babies are born with the instincts to do Breast Crawl Movements.  As a re-cap, in this series we are exploring the breast crawl movements in newborns who are placed on mother’s abdomen just after birth, and slowly “crawl” up until they find the breast, then they latch on by themselves and start suckling.

Research has shown that 70-100% of babies successfully complete the Breast Crawl to take their first feed immediately after birth. The few who do not complete it alone achieve it with some assistance. However, babies who are separated from their mothers in the hour after birth do not always do this when reunited— especially if bathed. Babies whose mothers were medicated during labor are also less likely to do the Breast Crawl. So basically, unmedicated, non-separated babies who are healthy are likely to do the Breast Crawl within an hour after birth. (2-6)

If you think about it, it makes sense that we would be born ready to meet our most basic needs. At this phase those needs are food and ensuring that we have someone to keep us warm and safe. All animals are born with some level of readiness to survive. In the end we are an animal, the human animal, and we too need some level of readiness to survive. (7)

But How?

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From Trail Troubles to Happy Hiking

A few weeks ago I went on a relatively short and easy hike in the woods, a trail I had been on before. It led to a beautiful watering hole where a stream became a waterfall, ultimately flowing into a large pool for swimming before continuing onward. The trail was quite wide and did not have many obstructions to deal with; it was also relatively flat.

Along I plodded, anxious to reach the water to cool off as it was an exceptionally hot and muggy day.  Half way there and my feet and back were already tiring. By the time I reached all of the action, which was only a mile in, my feet had moved past tiring to aching.

Ahhhhh…..and there it was, like an oasis in a desert.

Of course there was no way I was going to take my shoes off. I had put on my best pair of low hiking shoes–designed for protection and support (i.e. thick soles and rigid). So why would I shed that protection for a barefoot walk in the water and risk a fall?

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