{Recipe} Kale Pesto

Pesto is one of my favorite things to make and have on hand. Always! I keep a jar in the refrigerator and frozen pesto cubes in the freezer! It is one of my favorite ways to sneak in a little extra dose of green goodness. I put spoonfuls of it on just about everything. I tell you, it makes any meal feel gourmet.

What You Need…generally speaking.

One thing I love about pesto is that you can be a little loose with your ingredients. Less Kale, more basil or even no basil. Skip the cheese. Have it with nuts or without. So use this recipe as a general guide and adjust it to what you have on hand and to your taste preferences of the day.

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{Poem} Kiss The Earth

I love this poem! Short. Sweet. And it involves so many things I am passionate about. The earth, movement, our senses and interconnectedness.

Kiss The Earth
by Thich Nhat Hanh

Walk and touch peace every moment.
Walk and touch happiness every moment.
Each step brings a fresh breeze.
Each step makes a flower bloom.
Kiss the Earth with your feet.
Bring the Earth your love and happiness.
The Earth will be safe
when we feel safe in ourselves.

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