Finding Space Through Breath Sq 600

Finding Length Through Breath Awareness

Finding Space Through The Breath - 650

Do you like your posture? Do you feel a bit slumpy or have that nagging voice that whispers, or screams, at you to ‘sit up straight’?

Well you might be delighted to find out that you can improve your posture through your breath. Yep! Your breath and posture are undeniably intertwined. Good posture cannot happen if the breath is locked-down, trapped, restricted or underused.

Feldenkrais Tweet  It Begins and Ends with Awareness

Bad Posture: Okay. Okay. Confession time. In the Feldenkrais world we don’t think so much in terms of posture (i.e. how you hold yourself), rather we think in terms of organization and action—or in Moshe’s words “acture”). Regardless of semantics,  inefficiently moving through the world with respect to gravity can have an impact on your overall comfort and health.

Breath awareness is so powerful that developing it can actually transform the way that you move through the world! That’s right, your posture, or acture, can find a sanctuary of ease in and through your breath. Each inhalation can be a vehicle for inspiring awareness and enhancing your ability to negotiate with gravity.

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Body Scan: Breath & Space Audio

Body Scan: Breath & Space

Body Scan, Breath and Space MP3

The ‘Body Scan’ can be used at the beginning and end of a Feldenkrais Lesson, or before any form of body work or movement exploration, as way of discerning differences in your sensations, organization, and quality of being. Then again, a body scan can also be a stand alone mindfulness or meditation based practice and offer direct access to experiencing yourself in the moment.

Some scans, such as this one can be focused on a specific theme and may draw you more inward, while other scans may connect you more fully with your environment. There is no right way to do a scan, rather each variation offers you an opportunity to expand your sense of self and your ability to sense your Self.

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Cox Family Birth Video

{Birth Video Share} Cox Family Birth

Wow! I might be in love with this family. I think my soul sighed, twice, in less than two minutes of watching this family birth film.


That was all it took to see that the whole family took part in laboring process and in supporting this beautiful mother. But everything beyond the first two minutes still captivated every cell in my body.


Feldenkrais Tweet“Birth matters. It brings us into being, on many levels.” – Ananda Lowe


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Tune Into Wellness Group 650

Community & Communication {My T.V. Interview}

Tune Into Wellness Group 650

Recently I was invited by LisaMarie Tersigni, host of Tune Into Wellness and founder of Inspiring Wellness Solutions, to join her for an interview. She even offered me the chance to create a theme for the segment and I honored to choose. I decided on Community & Communication.

Now I have to admit that I was horrified, super excited, and deeply moved to have such an opportunity. Television, or any camera for that matter, does not fall within my comfort zone….or any zone near it.

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Movements of The Jaw Part 1 -250

Movements Of The Jaw {Part 1}

Feldenkrais for Jaw

Ahhhhh….the jaw! The original title of this series (and the one used on the audio) is “The Connections & Movements of The Jaw.” You see I am almost positive that you know in your mind and mouth that the jaw has an impact on your teeth and other mouthy parts. But did you also know that the jaw and its movements play a pivotal role in balance—physically and emotionally.
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