{Birth Video} O Nascimento do Thomas Home Birth


I love this video of Thomas Home Birth for so many reasons! I adore the passage of time expressed in this video. I adore the progression labor and the enduring mother. I also adore that this beautiful woman had so many women around her…biding the time and supporting her in so many ways. I also love that this is another wonderful video out of Brazil! 

“The whole point of woman-centered birth is the knowledge that a woman is the birth power source. She may need, and deserve, help, but in essence, she always had, currently has, and will have the power.” -Heather McCue

Feldenkrais Moves Me | Bruce & Chronic Pain

This weeks Feldenkrais Moves Me video is brought to you Bruce. Both the voice & music in this video were produced by Bruce. He has been exploring Awareness Through Movement classes & Private Functional Integration lessons since February of 2013. Here is a wee glimpse of his story…what brought him to the Feldenkrais Method and what keeps him coming back. Meet Bruce’s Feldenkrais Practitioner Read more

Out & About with Feldenkrais | Walking

This is the first of the Out & About with Feldenkrais genre—a series that explores taking Awareness Through Movement off of the mat and into the world. You can expect to do lots and lots of self observation in the world. But you might also discover some way to use what you learn in Feldenkrais to help you relate the world around you and to the many aspects of being human (relationships, emotions, decisions, and more).

This particular video is a time lapse of a 15-20 minute exploration derived from a Walking Awareness Through Movement Lesson from Mark Reese’s, Walking ATM Series. The dog’s name is Bodhi.

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Feldenkrais Moves Me | Buffy & Curiosity

This is the first of many videos on Why The Feldenkrais Method Moves Me  (a.k.a. Feldenkrais Moves Me). We will be hearing from Feldenkrais Practitioners, their students and those in a Feldenkrais Professional Training Program. Each person sharing a short clip on what it was that brought them to this wonderful Method and/or what moves them to keep coming back.

Feldenkrais Tweet  Learning to shift a moment of suffering into a Lifetime of Curiosity!

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{Poem} Not So Fast by Megan Affonso

Everything is so fast.
Everyone wants so much.
You want to give away all of yourself.
You want to give away what you cannot yet grasp.
What happened to savoring and learning?
What happened to building and earning?
Why not step back and reconnect with yourself?
Why not take some time to become a master at your craft?
This is where I am right now.
This is where I surrender and start to climb.
Leaving the jack of all trades behind.
Leaving the insanity of running around on Father time.
Doing less and being more. Read more