Feldenkrais Class in AlbanyGroup Classes: the place where your body meets your mind, so that you can easily move past the habits that limit you and into a life filled with ease.



Feldenkrais Functional IntegrationPrivate Sessions: the time when two people (me and you) move together towards a common good/goal for a brighter tomorrow.



Free FeldenkraisChild Sessions: the pace of your child’s development, set by the child and then respected and enhanced through touch & movement.


Movement is Crucial For Development

You began to move as early as five and a half weeks after conception. These early movements were your first lessons in learning how to interact with yourself and your environment. As a child you modeled your behaviors and your movements after your caregivers, learning how to navigate the world by creating stances and habits that now help to identify you.

I can show you how to use those habits as fuel for developing new brain connections in the way that you did when you were a child. As a result you will enhance your creativity, increased your physical and intellectual vitality, and experience greater emotional well-being. Join me for a bit of Feldenkrais in Troy, NY.

Feldenkrais TweetAll manifestation of life is expressed through movement.
—Moshe Feldenkrais

Let Baby Liv introduce you to the Feldenkrais Method.

How To Get Started

1. Book a FREE Consultation: Whether you joining me for a private session or attending an online class, this 20-minute phone consult is where you will want to begin. It’s risk free and it will give us an opportunity to connect and learn about one another. Then together, we will determine what will work best for you.

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2. Feldenkrais 101 Workshop: This three-hour workshop is a practical introduction to the fundamentals that underlie The Feldenkrais Method— the first step towards mastering the awareness and skillful movement. We will move and take time to explore practical tips on how to integrate what you learn into everyday life.

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3. Explore My Blog: The blog is chock full of goodies! From Feldenkrais Videos to Birth Stories and Mindfulness Practices to Development Discussions. Heck there is even a bit Poetry in the mix, along with some of my favorite recipes. Plus there are some AMAZING guest posts from muses around the world. So why not?

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