3 Thing To do right now!



Make sure that you've added your class details to your calendar. I'd make sure to include the Zoom information too, just to make sure you have everything in one place. Set a reminder if you need to. Remember, I close the virtual doors 5-10 minutes after class begins. So make sure you arrive in time. Better yet, arrive a few minutes early to make sure all the techie stuff is working properly.



Make sure you know how to access the Zoom Class before the class time. This will save you a ton of stress and technological grief. If you are new to Zoom then watch this video.

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Sign Up for my class updates and vote for upcoming class times and themes. By signing up specifically for my class updates you become a co-creator of my offerings. You'll receive a form right away asking for your preferred class times and any theme recommendations. But I'll also make sure to send them out when I'm gearing up for a new series or the next batch of Pay What You Want classes. So sign up and become a part of the process.