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The Awareness Through Movement® lessons & Attune To Awareness practices included in this series are designed to help you to improve the function of your mouth and jaw. You will learn to reduce the muscular stress and tension in your jaw, mouth, face, neck, and shoulders. For most, this means easier movement and less pain.


What You Receive:

  • 4 Awareness Through Movement® Audio Lessons

  • 9 Guided Attune To Awareness Audio Practices

  • 1 Guided Meditation/Visualization

  • Movement Mantra Handout

  • Awareness Through Movement® Home Practice Guide

ATM® Lessons

  • Primary Jaw Movement

  • Improving Neck & Shoulders To Ease The Jaw

  • Movements Of The Jaw & The Head

  • Easing The Tongue To Free The Jaw



Gently Unwind The Spine

When the vertebrae and muscles in your spine are free to move, then you have the ability to engage the world with power and grace. You can more easily move in any direction with minimal preparation and hesitation — the cornerstones to good posture. In this series, we'll gently explore how to let go of old limiting patterns and find new freedom in the movements of your spine.

The Awareness Through Movement® & Attune To Awareness practices are variations on a theme of lessons known as the Coordinating Flexors and Extensors. If you're familiar with Flexor-Extensor lessons, then you'll enjoy exploring a new take on a familiar lesson. If these types of lessons are new to you, then you're in for a treat. This particular theme of lessons (Flexor-Extensor) is one of my favorite. In fact their on my short list for feeling better when I'm out of whack physically or emotionally. 


What You Receive:

  • 4 Awareness Through Movement® Audio Lessons

  • 8 Guided Attune To Awareness Audio Practices

  • Movement Mantra Handout

  • Awareness Through Movement® Home Practice Guide

ATM® Lessons

  • Pelvic Plunk & Spinal Twist

  • Tilt Legs & Lengthen Arms

  • Tilt Fold & Twist

  • Soft Blanket & Gentle Twist



Get The Most Out Of Your
Awareness Through Movement® Lessons

Somatic Insights Journal

The Somatic Insights Journal was made with the Feldenkrais Method® in mind. It was created to be done in partnership with your classes or home audio program. By integrating the practices in this journal into your movement program, you’ll discover more about yourself and better understand how various types of lessons impact you. Over time, this will help you to curate a personal library of lessons that you can refer back to when you want to cultivate a particular sense of arousal or ease — in body and mind.

This journal is built for people who:

  • Want to take an existing somatic movement practice to the next level

  • Struggle to integrate mindful movement into daily life

  • Feel a bit lost with self-inquiry



Inspirational Mug- Begin Coffee Mug

This one word of wonder mug was created to inspire motivation first thing in the morning. A reminder that the most important part of any task, of any dream, is to simply BEGIN. So grab your mug and your favorite brew and start each day anew. BEGIN.

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