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Somatic Movement

Virtual Coaching Sessions

Somatic Movement Video Sessions

Movement Coaching Online sessions are for those who are not able to see me in person on a regular basis, but still want to learn Feldenkrais from a distance.

Whether you are learning the movements for the first time or reviewing movement instructions between sessions or workshops, online lessons are a convenient way for you to earn Awareness Through Movement®. This is also a great way to keep in touch with me as you continually deepen your somatic process.

During the session,  we will spend a few minutes talking about what you are interested in improving or exploring. Then we will take a couple of minutes to explore a few simple movements that will allow me to observe you and to help determine what movement patterns would be the most beneficial to work with during the session. Moving into the heart of the session, I will lead you though an Awareness Through Movement lesson and you will have an opportunity to share what you sense and notice.

Session Options

Enjoy a Private Somatic Movement Coaching Sessions via Zoom or Skype.

Either Skype or Zoom, a high-speed internet connection and a way of using the built-in camera on your computer or smartphone to show you doing simple activities like sitting, standing and moving.
Both Skype & Zoom are free downloads, and Skype to Skype calls are free.

A Quick Look At The Process

Free Feldenkrais Consultation

Step One
Free Phone Consult

This 20-minute complimentary phone consultation is a perfect place to begin. It’s risk free and it will give us an opportunity to connect and learn about one another. You’ll also have a chance to ask questions and share what moves you.

Somatic Movement Workshops in Troy NY

Step Two
60-Min. Initial Intake

Our first session will involve a little preliminary work on your end. I’ll send you the intake for for you to fill out before our session. Then we’ll spend the first virtual session clarifying your goals & intentions and doing a basic movement assessment. We’ll finish the session with a brief movement practice that we’ll record for you to explore at home.

Somatic Movement Workshops in Troy NY

Step Three
60-Min. Sessions

Each Session after your initial intake session is 60 minutes. We’ll do a brief check-in on how you practice is going at home and what’s growing in your awareness, then we’ll do a 30-45 minute guided practice based on your current needs. If we’re doing the parctice via Zoom then we’ll record the practice for you to continue to explore on your own.

What To Expect

These movement sessions will be held on your computer, apple device from wherever you are in the world. In these personalized lesson, we will address your unique needs by giving you individually tailored instructions live over the Internet using Skype Video.

At the end of each session you will learn a short somatic movement exploration to practice on your own at home. These self-care movements are the linchpin to long term pain relief and to improving your ability to manage chronic stress, relieve aches & pains, improve balance and enhance the many ways that you move through life.

Is movement coaching online the same as a Functional Integration Session?

No. Virtual Coaching is also not a substitute for hands-on movement reeducation of the Feldenkrais Method. Rather, this is akin to a private Awareness Through Movement class with a bit of in-depth coaching. For those of you who do not have a Feldenkrais Practitioner in your area, but would like to would the benefit of working with a Practitioner, online Skype sessions are ideal.

It is also important to note that Somatic Movement Coaching is also not a therapy, or a substitute for medical care. It is not a “cure” for conditions such as back pain, repetitive strain injury and the like. However, it does address movement patterns, habits of thinking, sensing and lifestyle choices that may contribute to these conditions.