Awareness Through Movement®

Feldenkrais Classes

Awareness Through Movement®

Whether you are new to Feldenkrais or have already had private sessions, you will enjoy and benefit from Awareness Through Movement classes. Each class is based on a very precise study of how the nervous system learns. Many of the classes are grounded in infant development patterns, while others are subtle investigations into everyday functions like walking, sitting, standing, squatting and more.

During the group classes, you will lie comfortably clothed on the floor on thick mats or blankets. You will be guided through a sequence of gentle, increasingly complex movements that explore your skeletal alignment, breath, muscle tone, and movement & sensing habits. The challenge is not in straining the muscles and working harder, but in unraveling a movement puzzle using your innate sensory intelligence.

Each class concludes with a brief discussion on how you can implement what you have into a home practice to continue learning, relieve pain and tension, improve posture, increase range of motion, prevent injuries, and warm up and cool down from workouts.

No experience necessary. Bring your curiosity and open awareness.

Weekly In Troy, NY

Studio In Troy, NY
216 River St.  2nd Floor
Thursdays at 12:00 pm

Live & Online

The Live & Online are part of the Feldenkrais and Mindfulness Membership.
Tuesdays at 7:00 pm
Wednesdays at 10:00 am

My first class took me to a deeply meditative state & awareness unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. —Susan

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Why Awareness Through Movement®

Our physical experiences, lifestyle, personality and reactions to stress contribute to learned muscular patterns that are unique to each of us. Unfortunately, sometimes our habitual ways of moving, thinking, sensing and feeling can limit our self-expression or cause damage to our body.

By exploring Awareness Through Movement classes you re-discover natural, efficient full-body movement patterns.

You see, our ability to learn and automate movement patterns is commonly referred to as muscle memory. Muscle memory is extremely beneficial in our daily lives, allowing us to act and move quickly without conscious thought. Unfortunately, we can easily develop learned movement patterns which do damage to our bodies. Just as our increased level of muscle tension feels normal, these damaging patterns feel natural and automatic.

Over time these habitual responses shift our image of ourselves and how we move through space. Our proprioception (how we sense our body in space) adjusts so that these patterns feel normal. For example, a person who has slowly developed rounded posture over the years actually feels like they are standing fairly straight because their proprioception has adjusted.

In Awareness Through Movement lessons, you retrain proprioception and expand your muscle memory so that you can accurately sense your movement and eliminate compulsive, dysfunctional strain.