Conscious Reading Club

A Book Club That Moves Minds

Love To Read? Want to commune with others who love to read too? The Conscious Reading Club reads and discusses one book a quarter. We gather online in a private Facebook group to share our insights and discoveries, receive some thought prompts for the week, and so much more.

For those who live in or near Troy, NY, I also host local gatherings for conscious readers in or near Troy, NY. Yay to the local love! These local meet-ups for the Conscious Reading Club is offered in two distinct formats depending on the time of year. Just keep on scrolling and you'll see the gathering goodness described below. 

The book topics generally relate to:

• Feldenkrais & Somatic Movement
• Neuroplasticity
• Chronic Pain
• Mindset, Beliefs & Emotional Well-Being

• The Impact of Trauma
• The Microbiome
• Mindfulness
• Food As Medicine
 ... and more

Sounds good, right? 

Create A Gathering In Your Area! Don't live near Troy but want to connect with other like-minded locals? Consider inviting your friends to join the Conscious Reading Club and then create a local gathering in your area. Heck, let me know and I'll share the event in the Private Facebook Group. This lovely process will help us to connect globally and locally.... the best of both worlds.

Join the Conscious Reading Club by clicking the button below.  As soon as you join, you'll instantly be added to an exclusive list dedicated to those interested in reading and communing for free. As part of being a member of the community, you'll receive weekly reading prompts during our active reading phase, stay in the know about future reads, and find out about local happenings.  Oh, and you'll also receive an invite to join the Private Conscious Reading Club Community on Facebook...or you can join the group here >> 

The Winter Read
Jan 22 - March 4

You hear it all the time: stress causes heart disease; stress causes insomnia; stress is bad for you! But what if changing how you think about stress could make you happier, healthier, and better able to reach your goals? Combining exciting new research on resilience and mindset, Kelly McGonigal, PhD, proves that undergoing stress is not bad for you; it is undergoing stress while believing that stress is bad for you that makes it harmful. In fact, stress has many benefits, from giving us greater focus and energy, to strengthening our personal relationships.
McGonigal shows readers how to cultivate a mindset that embraces stress, and activate the brain's natural ability to learn from challenging experiences. Both practical and life-changing, The Upside of Stress is not a guide to getting rid of stress, but a toolkit for getting better at it—by understanding, accepting, and leveraging it to your advantage.

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MEET + MUSE: drink & think

Enjoy a mug of tea or a cup of java as you bond over books. Sometimes it’s nice to take a cozy seat and share our thoughts with one another. 

Come and enjoy a warm cuppa with the purpose of sharing conversations and connecting with like-minded individuals. We’ll muse on the current book, but people are free to wander off point and share how the current read impacted their thinking and their life.

Joining in the reading fun can do more than simply engage your mind. Being an active member also helps to develop a community of folks who share similar interests. Many of the people who join in on the Conscious Reading Club are exploring the Feldenkrais Method and/or Health & Wellness Coaching. They’re looking to improve and grow as humans. Sometimes this means finding more comfort, other times it’s to increase creativity or vitality. What brings people here varies,  but the common theme is a love for the human experience. 

The meet+muse group meets in Troy, NY. and is a growing group of movers, philosophers, and mindfulness makers who gather to muse about the many wonders of being human. If you’re in Troy, make sure to reserve your spot in the next gathering –I tend to keep the groups very small, so space is limited.

Meets November – March

WALK + TALK: read & move

Walking is critical to thinking, yet we are an increasingly sedentary society. Let’s move, think, wander. There is language and brilliance in movement, in walking, thinking, and exploring. 

Come and enjoy a bit of walking and talking with a small group of people with the purpose of exploring different conversations in outdoor spaces. We’ll muse on the current book, but people are free to wander off point and engage in their own imaginations.

There are several reasons why walking is conducive to better thinking — from the positioning of our bodies in space, the fresh air, and, to the elevation of our heart rates .  And according to Jabr, “Walking at our own pace creates an unadulterated feedback loop between the rhythm of our bodies and our mental state… When we stroll, the pace of our feet naturally vacillates with our moods and the cadence of our inner speech; at the same time, we can actively change the pace of our thoughts by deliberately walking more briskly or by slowing down.” And sometimes, you just need to walk it out. So let’s gather, engage in a short walk, and ask discuss what moves our minds.

The walk+talk group meets in Oakwood Cemetery in Troy, NY. and a growing group of moves, philosophers, and mindfulness makers who gather to muse about the many wonders of being human. If you’re in Troy, make sure to reserve your spot in the next gathering –I tend to keep the groups very small, so space is limited.

Meets April – October

Books We've Read: 

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