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People come to the Feldenkrais Method and Mindfulness Practices for a variety of reasons. Some are moving toward a goal like an easier childbirth, better well-being, or enhanced performance. Others are moving away from something they no longer wish to have in their life, like pain & discomfort. What ever it is that brings you to this wonderful work, we can find a format for learning that best suits your individual need—from private Feldenkrais sessions to mini-retreats.

Most of the In Studio services happen over at A Space To Grow. A space bustling with mindfulness, movement and personal development classes of all sorts— from Feldenkrais® & Systema Martial Arts to Meditation Retreats and Energy Medicine Support Groups. A space that is safe enough to be home to support groups, sacred enough for spiritual pursuits, and playful enough for your kids (or the kid in you) to exude a joyful ‘yippie’ as you begin to walk up the stairs.

Find Us at: 216 River St. • Second Floor • Troy, NY 12180

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Conscious Movements offers Feldenkrais Classes, Specialized Workshops and Private Sessions in Troy, NY and throughout the Capital Region.