Cultivate The Habits Of Well-Being

People seek the services and offerings at Conscious Movements for a variety of reasons. Some are moving toward a goal like improved focus, better balance, elevated well-being, or enhanced performance. Others are moving away from something they no longer wish to have in their life, like pain & discomfort.

There are several ways to start your journey into this powerful, life-changing process. So what ever it is that brings you here today, we can find a format for learning that best suits your individual needs— from private sessions to weekly classes and one-day workshops. Simply scroll on down and take a look around and discover the all the way that you and I can work together.

Services in Troy, NY

Most of the In Studio services happen over at A Space To Grow. A space bustling with mindfulness, movement and personal development classes of all sorts— from Feldenkrais®  to Meditation Retreats and Energy Medicine Support Groups. A space that is safe enough to be home to support groups, sacred enough for spiritual pursuits, and playful enough for your kids (or the kid in you) to exude a joyful ‘yippie’ as you begin to walk up the stairs.

Find Us at: 216 River St. • Second Floor • Troy, NY 12180

Virtual Services

My Virtual Services Have Two Portals

The Membership, Class Series and Courses are housed at my Online Studio and utilize Zoom for the live events. This allows me to both teach you live and allow you access to the recordings and supporting materials. If you visit the Online Studio, you’ll also notice that there are a number of courses that a completely self-paced and don’t offer a live and in-person teaching. The can be ideal for those who already have some Feldenkrais experience and have specific time constraints.

The Virtual Coaching is often done via Zoom or Skype. Personally, I prefer Zoom as it allows me to easily record our session as an audio and easily send you a copy.

Community Offerings

I believe in the power of Community— in learning and growing collectively. Most month’s, I partake in a monthly Meditation by Donation program. Each month an experienced practitioner leads a three hour mini-retreat. Some months are rooted in Mindfulness Meditation while others might focus on Zen, or even Self-Hypnosis.

In addition to the meditation, I offer a free Conscious Reading Club. We meet every six weeks or so and discuss the current book of choice. Most of the books relate to movement, mindfulness, trauma and healing.

A Quick Note On This Work

Because the work I do is not physically demanding, you are able to gain awareness of the habits you’ve developed– some since childhood and some due to injuries or trauma– that are now holding you back from doing all that you want. As we work together, you’ll develop more functional habits of movement and strategies for engaging and regulating your nervous system.

Since everyone learns at one’s own pace, the changes are often gradual, but most people feel some improvement even after one lesson. However to truly sustain change, one must continue to explore and practice — even five minutes a day can have a HUGE impact.

Sustainable, lasting change is what changes lives. So I’m committed to bringing you programs and offers that help you to easily integrate this work into your everyday life.