Deep down you know that you're not meant to feel this way. You need less suffering and more meaning.

I know that sometimes it feels like this roller coaster of pain and discomfort will never change. I'm here to remind you that life is all about change! And being successful in creating the changes you want will undoubtedly take steps. But I promise, committing to changes here and there is a path worth taking. You deserve it.

I can make achieving your wellness goals feel easier and more approachable. I can help you to learn how to shift your moments of suffering into a lifetime of curiosity. And look, you've already taken a step, and found me! Right here, right now I'm offering you the opportunity to reclaim your life and feel empowered. Are you ready? I am!

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CONNECT with Feldenkrais, Mindfulness, Health Coaching

Feldenkrais Focused


Have you done everything under the therapy sun to improve your pain? The 3-month CONNECT program is ideal for you if you'd like to learn how to move in a way that actually helps to reduce pain  and you've already got the support you need for the rest of your health + wellness needs.

The CONNECT program is perfect for those who live near Troy, NY and are interested in the hands-on Functional Integration® approach to learning. 

About Functional Integration

The CONNECT program:
• 1 First Functional Integration
    or Foundation Session ($150)
• 10 One-on-One Sessions ($1,250)
• 6 months of the Conscious
    Movements  Membership ($90)
• One 6-Week Specialized
    Movement Series ($97)
• 3 months of email support ($30)

Savings: $445

RESTORE with Feldenkrais, Mindfulness, Health Coaching

Health Coaching


Tired of life feeling like one big episode of "Manage My Pain"? The RESTORE program is designed for those who are managing their pain but still know that things could be different somehow, they're just not sure how.

During this 6-month program we'll explore the areas of life that keep you stuck and in pain. I'll help you to figure out how to make the diet and lifestyle changes necessary for optimum health. This may be sustaining a food plan your doctor has you on, figuring out how to integrate stress relieving practices into your daily life, or engaging with movement in a way that actually reduces pain.

The RESTORE program:
• 1 Foundation Session ($150)
• 11  One-on-One Sessions ($1,375)
• 9 months of the Conscious
    Movements  Membership ($135)
• One 6-Week Specialized      
    Movement  Series ($97)
• Six Months Of Suggested Meal     
    Plans & Prep Tips ($240)
• 6 months of coaching focused
    email correspondence. ($60)

Savings: $600

RENEW with Feldenkrais, Mindfulness, Health Coaching

The Best Of Both


Sick of trying everything under the sun to end your pain & regain the life you used to have? The RENEW program is designed for those who have been suffering from chronic pain for so long that the idea of getting back to living a life they love seems impossible.

This unique program merges the best of the Feldenkrais Method® and Health Coaching. We'll meet a total of 25 times over a 6-9 month period. This could look like alternating between a Feldenkrais Session one week and a coaching session the next. Or something completely different. The design of the program will completely be catered to your goals and needs.

The RENEW program:
• 1 Foundation Session ($150)
• 24 One-on-One Sessions ($3,000)
• 12 months of the Conscious
    Movements  Membership ($180)
• One 6-Week Specialized      
    Movement  Series ($97)
• Nine Months Of Suggested Meal    
    Plans & Prep Tips ($360)
• 9 months of coaching focused
    email correspondence. ($90)

Savings: $1,320

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Classes - Feldenkrais Classes

Feldenkrais Classes

$12-$20 per class

I offer a few Awareness Through Movement 6-week series a year. Each series explores a specific theme and geared towards meeting the needs and interests of the students.

In general, classes are often grounded in development patterns, while others are subtle investigations into everyday functions like walking, sitting, standing, reaching, and more.

Each class offers you an opportunity to learn more about your habits of moving, thinking, sensing, and feeling. Through the process of self-inquiry and mindful movement, these classes utilize the power of neuroplasticity to improve the way you move through life.

Meaning - Feldenkrais & Mindfulness

CM Membership


The Conscious Movements On Demand membership is designed to support you in developing a home practice and nourishing lifestyle. 

With the CM On Demand Membership, you can move through Awareness Through Movement® lessons and Mindfulness Practices on your own schedule in the comfort of your home ...or on the road. Heck, you can even grab a friend or loved one and move together!

Over time,  I'll also be adding other basic programs designed to help you to develop the habits that are crucial for nourishing your nervous system, reducing pain, and improving your overall well-begin.

Meaning & Well-being with the Feldenkrais & Mindfulness

Group Programs


The Group Programs are currently being designed and refined to best support those who have been suffering with Chronic Pain. Each program will bring together the best of movement, mindfulness, and the almighty menu to nourish your nervous system for lasting change.

With each program merging the best of the Feldenkrais Method and Health & Wellness Coaching, you’ll receive the support you need to create lasting and permanent change. More information will be available early 2018.

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Conscious Reading Club  move your mind

Love To Read? Want to commune with others who love to read too? The FREE Conscious Reading Club meets once a quarter to discuss a book of choice. The book topics generally relate to Somatic Movement, Neuroplasticity, Trauma, the Microbiome or Mindfulness

Sounds good right? Well there’s more!

“There can be no improvement without change.”
—Moshe Feldenkrais