Deep down you know that you're not meant to feel this way. You need less suffering and more meaning.

I know that sometimes it feels like this roller coaster of pain and discomfort will never change. I'm here to remind you that life is all about change! And being successful in creating the changes you want will undoubtedly take steps. But I promise, committing to taking one small step towards change is starting on a path worth taking. You deserve it.

I can make achieving your wellness goals feel easier and more approachable. I can help you to learn how to shift your moments of suffering into a lifetime of curiosity. And look, you've already taken a step, and found me! Right here, right now I'm offering you the opportunity to reclaim your life and feel empowered. Are you ready? I am!

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CONNECT with Feldenkrais, Mindfulness, Health Coaching
RESTORE with Feldenkrais, Mindfulness, Health Coaching
RENEW with Feldenkrais, Mindfulness, Health Coaching

Are you tired of life feeling like one big episode of "Manage My Pain"?

Changes don’t happen overnight, and it takes time to develop new habits. And the work I do as both a Feldenkrais Practitioner® and Functional Medicine Health Coach involves taking time to develop your awareness, expand your knowledge, and hone in on the skills you need to be successful. As part of that process, we’ll tap into the power of neuroplasticity to help you to rewire your pain and regain your lifeOnce you’ve mastered the process of working with yourself in this way, you’ll THRIVE.

I will be your guide and your coach.  You will be the expert.  Because nobody knows your body better than you.  I will teach you principles and give you tools to help restore balance in your body.  You will decide what works best and where you need the most help. We’ll use the gentle and mindful movements of the Feldenkrais Method, the power of Positive Psychology, and the theories of Functional Medicine to help you to uncover your habits of moving, thinking, sensing, and feeling. You will embody a sense of ease and grace. 

I work with a limited number of clients at any one time. In part, this is because I request a commitment to at least 10-sessions. All of the work I do is about educating you and helping you to develop the skills and awareness necessary to no longer need my one-on-one services. Our work together is a process and most people work with me for 2-6 months. 

The average cost of a session is $100-$125. However, I also offer partial scholarship to a select number of students/clients at any one time. So please, don't let the dollar signs be the reason that you don't book a free 20-minute Discovery Session.

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Classes - Feldenkrais Classes

Feldenkrais Classes

$14-$20 per class

I offer a few Awareness Through Movement 6-week series a year. Each series explores a specific theme and is geared towards meeting the needs and interests of the students.

Each class offers you an opportunity to learn more about your habits of moving, thinking, sensing, and feeling. Through the process of self-inquiry and mindful movement, these classes utilize the power of neuroplasticity to improve the way you move through life.

Winter/Spring Schedule 2018

Meaning - Feldenkrais & Mindfulness

Pay What You Want

Awareness Through Movement®

The Pay What You Want, or Dāna,  virtual classes are part of my "Pay It Forward" program. All of the funds collected for these classes are put into a 'scholarship' fund for those with chronic pain who are on a fixed income or who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford to work with me without one of us sacrificing our financial well-being.  

All of the Dāna based Awareness Through Movement classes are typically held once a month. Registration is required. 

Why A Dāna Based Practice

Meaning & Well-being with the Feldenkrais & Mindfulness

Group Program

Body + Brain for Chronic Pain

The Body + Brain for Chronic Pain Group Program are currently in the development phase. 

The vision for this group program is to focus on the 5 Pillars For Chronic Pain that I use in my private coaching.  We'll explore live group coaching calls, specialized Awareness Through Movement classes, and so much more.

The beta program is expected to launch in the Fall of 2018.

5 Pillars For Chronic Pain

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Conscious Reading Club  move your mind

Love To Read? Want to commune with others who love to read too? The FREE Conscious Reading Club meets once a quarter to discuss a book of choice. The book topics generally relate to Somatic Movement, Neuroplasticity, Trauma, the Microbiome or Mindfulness

Sounds good right? Well there’s more!

“There can be no improvement without change.”
—Moshe Feldenkrais