Feldenkrais Videos and More


Feldenkrais Videos

Feldenkrais VideosSometimes a picture, a movement, or a video is worth a thousand words. All of these videos, and more, appear on my blog. However in the name of reducing effort—I have gathered my favorite videos into one central location to help you better understand what the Feldenkrais Method is and the breadth of the applications.

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Birth Stories {Video Shares}

Pregnancy-Birth-StoriesThere is so much fear about childbirth in our culture. Many women in the birthing world believe that some of that fear is due in part to lack of intimate sharing of birth stories–especially the positive ones.  I highly encourage you to connect with women in your community to talk about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. I also invite you to explore this collection of real, raw, and beautiful birth stories.

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Feldenkrais for Children {Video Shares}

Feldenkrais for Children is a unique and non-invasive approach to helping children with special needs and extraordinary gifts thrive. To help you better understand my approach to working with children, I am sharing some of my favorite videos from teachers that I highly respect.

● Click Here To Visit Feldenkrais for Children Video Share Page
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Animated Videos {Video Shares}

Animated Video QuotesThese little nuggets are part of how I realize and share my creativity. I don’t produce them all the time, as I only do them when the video muse speaks (most often during the winter months). I do hope that you enjoy those videos that have made it to fruition and those that are yet to come.

To watch my animated videos {click here}