Functional Integration®

Functional Integration® utilizes precise touch and gentle movement to access your nervous system’s innate ability to learn. Before you know it, with a little practice, you’ll be able to move past the habits that limit you and cause you PAIN.


Tired of life feeling like one big episode of "Manage My Pain"?


If you're tired of life feeling like one big episode of "Manage My Pain," I get it. I've worked with people just like you. I can show you gentle, safe ways to reverse patterns of chronic muscular tension that work. But more than that, I can help you to break free of the lifestyle habits that keep you stuck in pain.

Many of the current therapeutic processes, the type you are most likely undertaking, are not movement-based. Instead, they focus primarily on isolated/individual parts of the body. This is not a bad thing, BUT we do need to teach these parts to move in sync with the rest of the body. We need to understand how to move as an integrated whole — physically, mentally, and emotionally. There is no separation. We must re-educate ourselves through movement.

My mission is to provide you with the knowledge, skill, and awareness that is needed to move beyond pain and into a life that you love. Here’s a quick example of what my one-on-one process looks like.

Client Flow.png
I am in pain much of the time but after seeing Buffy my hip joints have not hurt at all. Our session was very soothing and I will be returning for more help very soon.
— Barbara M.

Functional integration®
Cost & Packages


SINGLE SESSION: $125 Per Session

Come in any time for help with an acute situation, extra support, or a nervous system reminder for how to find easy movement.

These one-off lessons are best for those who already have experience with the Feldenkrais Method®.


fUNCTIONALLY WELL: $400/4-session Package

Start with four private lessons and discover how you can move with greater ease and stop doing the things that cause you pain.

For most, these sessions do more than just improve movement. They transform the way they relate to their pain and how they engage with the world.


REWIRE & RENEW: $360 Per Month

  • Four lessons per month at $90 each.

  • Three-month minimum commitment.

  • Lessons must be used each month. Please note that the lessons do not carry over.

  • Additional lessons are $90.


How It Works

From our first session, we begin to explore how your habits of moving, thinking, sensing, and feeling have formed the foundation for your current quality of life.

In Each Functional Integration® session…

  1. We'll focus on hands-on work. You lie fully clothed on a low table. I use a gentle touch and slow movements to release patterns of holding and invite new and more productive options for moving. When these new options become a habit, life gets easier.

  2. Every single lesson addresses your specific needs and history. I'll meet you where you are in each moment. As we go through the lesson, I'll respond and adapt to subtle shifts in your muscle tone, breathing, skeletal connection, and sensation.

  3. You will leave with customized tools to use at home to continue your learning.


The Process

Many of my clients integrate this work into their lifestyle. Initially, they use the Feldenkrais Method® as a form of practice to reduce pain and to stay mobile, flexible, and resilient. Eventually, they do it because they engage differently with themselves and with life.

One of the most significant shifts that happen is a change in perspective. Nearly everyone I see shifts from being pushed by their pain to being pulled by their dreams.


You’ll Develop your awareness, expand your knowledge, and hone the skills you need to be successful.

As part of that process, we’ll tap into the power of neuroplasticity to help you to rewire your pain and regain your lifeOnce you’ve mastered the process of working with yourself in this way, everything changes. And it’s a wonderful feeling.

I invite you to think of this work as a path and a practice, like meditation or playing an instrument. It’s a skill to be developed over time and where there is no end to improvement.




Because our work together is a process and the ten sessions allow us 3-4 months to shift old habits and create sustainable change. It allows me to be here to support you every step of the way.

Just consider how long it took you to get where you are! You are brilliant. You have learned strategies of moving, thinking, sensing, and feeling that have enabled you to survive. Now I can help you to learn new strategies that will help you to THRIVE!


The Lessons build On one another.

Each lesson builds on the last; that’s why a series of lessons close together brings the most benefit.

For most clients, the changes that they experience from our sessions inspire them to keep learning. So, many people continue with Awareness Through Movement® classes, audio programs, or private lessons as an essential part of their health and wellness regimen.

Are you ready to begin?