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Empowering LIFE
Beyond Pain

Pain can be experienced as a physical sensation or as mental or emotional stress. An internal understanding of how to move differently through life, body and mind, is a crucial part of successfully moving out of pain and suffering. Conscious Movements can provide you with the insight that you need for sustainable relief.

When people are stressed they tend to fall into habitual movement and thought patterns that lead to a variety of physical discomforts— muscle tension, shallow breathing and compromised sleep. Taking time to move mindfully can help you to gain awareness of your habits of moving, thinking and sensing and provide you with the tools you need to reduce stress and decrease pain.

I do not believe in causing pain to decrease pain. Instead my approach is to teach you how to work with your nervous system to rewire the way that you relate to pain, respond to stress, interact with your environment, and experience your emotions and sensations.

The best way to unlearn chronic stress and pain responses is to give the mind and body healthier responses to practice.

It is healthier to learn than to be a patient or even be cured. Life is a process not a thing.

- Moshe Feldenkrais

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Overcame Limitations

Initially, I came to Buffy to see if the Feldenkrais method could help me overcome limitations from an injury. I’ve stayed because it offered that and so much more. As a mother and grandmother, I appreciate how Buffy’s expertise can benefit new parents and children and wish I had known of Feldenkrais when my children were young. Now, at 62, I benefit on many other levels.

Each class is a journey of discovery for me, challenging but mentally and physically rewarding. I find a chance to laugh at myself and the habits I’ve developed over the years; habits that may have been useful when I was younger but now limit me. With Buffy’s guidance, I find new and easier ways to move and my listening, concentration and observation skills all improve...


Bruce's Progress With Chronic Pain

I am now approaching my 2nd year of attending Private Feldenkrais sessions. As I continue to experience nothing short of phenomenal growth in so many areas.

I have significantly reduced the # of medications I take/took regularly and have cut way back on the dosages of others. There has been such a reduction in pain overall that I was able to do things I hadn’t done in years, even decades, including riding my bicycle, cooking, and my main love, playing guitar.


Amazingly Skillful

Although I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for 15 years and have helped many people with pain, there are occasions when my own old injuries flare up. As humbling as that can be, I feel safe and can trust Buffy to work on my body when it’s hurting. She is an amazingly skilled practitioner and I give her the highest respect and recommendation.


Hip Pain Gone After One Session

I am in pain much of the time, but after seeing Buffy my hip joints have not hurt at all!