ONline feldenkrais® CLASSES

Held Online Via A Space To Grow

Our physical experiences, lifestyle, personality, and reactions to stress contribute to learned muscular patterns that are unique to each of us. Unfortunately, sometimes our habitual ways of moving, thinking, sensing and feeling can limit our self-expression or cause discomfort and even damage. By exploring Awareness Through Movement® classes you’ll rediscover easier movement and develop the capacity to tap into the mind-body continuum.

The ongoing Awareness Through Movement® classes are offered via A Space To Grow and are held in a rhythm of four weeks of classes followed by two weeks off.

Planning on joining on a regular basis?

Then the best deal is to join the EMBODIED WELLNESS PLUS+ MEMBERSHIP. This membership includes unlimited Feldenkrais® classes, access to my quarterly Foundations For Moving Well Course, group meditation, and quarterly group coaching with a nutritionist.



Awareness Through Movement Class Series




7:00pm Wednesday (EASTERN TIME)

The ongoing Awareness Through Movement® Classes are held online via Zoom. They follow a rhythm of four weeks of classes and then two weeks off. Each of the four-week series follows a specific theme. However, you can attend one class or explore the whole series.

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These ongoing classes are a unique opportunity to experience Awareness Through Movement® classes that are based on transcripts of Moshe Feldenkrais' public teachings. All of the classes are held online via Zoom and you’re welcome to drop-in to a single class or attend them all.

New to this work? Please book a Free Discovery Call first.


July-September The Master Moves


Only interested in a specific class or theme?

Drop-ins are $20 per class. The best option for non-members is to purchase a 4-Class Feldenkrais® Pass for $65. The 4-class pass can be applied towards all drop-in Feldenkrais® classes at A Space To Grow. Plus, they are good for one year.



Introduction To Awareness Through Movement®

Held every six weeks.

Take the class for free as part of the Embodied Wellness Free Trial.

The Introduction To Awareness Through Movement® is held every six weeks. It's ideal for those who are new to the membership and new to Awareness Through Movement®.

Learn how you can have a more conscious experience of your own body. Regular practice of Awareness Through Movement® improves how you move and alleviates pain by minimizing the physiological and psychological stress associated with restricted functions.

In this 90-minute virtual class, youll be introduce you to the core principles of Awareness Through Movement®. But more than that, you'll be a part of an interactive class so that each instruction can help you to refine the way that you approach an Awareness Through Movement® lesson.

This Introductory Class Includes: 

  • real-time Awareness Through Movement® lessons

  • discussion and Q&A so you can find out how the Feldenkrais Method® can help you

  • suggestions on which movement lessons to explore next in the Embodied Wellness Membership






Foundations For Moving Well:
Forces Of Nature

4-Week Course

(September & March)

Our skeletal structure is designed to counter the constant downward force of gravity, and its incessant pull toward the center of the earth. Dr. Feldenkrais understood that moving through life with a well-organized skeletal structure is key to nullifying the effect of gravity.

Each week you'll have access to joining a 75-min Live Class. We'll spend the first 20-minutes discussing the lesson on The Biology Of Change & Movement Principles. Then we'll move into a full-length Awareness Through Movement® class. 

In this 4-week series, you'll learn how to improve how you move and how to reduce the impact of everyday forces in your system. By the end of the series, you'll feel freer and lighter in all that you do. 

So come and discover how to make gravity your ally and experience lighter, more efficient action. 

This Specialized Class Series Includes: 

  • real-time Awareness Through Movement® lessons

  • discussion and Q&A on the knowledge-based lessons of the week. 

  • time to share your experiences

Please note that you must register for the course to attend the classes.



classes offered
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The Conscious Movements’ classes held in Troy, NY