Guest Muses & Muscians

So what about the Muses? Well, I {Buffy Owens} have a deep seeded passion for the many forms of Conscious Movements in the world! So, I have invited other kindred spirits to join me by sharing their passions and professional expertise on this Blog.…pretty much anything that improves Well BEing for you, as an individual, or for the world at large. So check out their bios below, read their blog musings, and if what you see resonates with you—then check out their sites and utilize their services. They are fantastic at what they do, otherwise I wouldn’t have invited them here.

But what about the Musicians? Well these creative souls are the sound behind my audio series. So if you like what you hear, visit their sites and buy their music.

Meet the Muses

Meet the muse behind the words. Find out more about your favorite contributors and how to connect with them. If you are interested in becoming a contributor please contact Buffy.

Lea Marie DennisLea Dennis {The Menu Muse}

Lea Dennis is founder of Home Kitchen Culture, a local kitchen providing regular home delivery of balanced meals from organic, sustainably grown produce. The menus take into consideration the entirety of your diet for the week and can be customized to what’s convenient for the individual or family. She also offers Kitchen Counseling: personal consultations in your kitchen to teach you time saving food preparations so cooking from scratch is realistic for your lifestyle. Lea started as an enthusiast for all things made from scratch and as an advocate for local, properly cultivated food. Home Kitchen Culture aims to bring amazing, real food onto the tables of even the busiest San Diegans. It is the integration of Lea’s livelihood with her passion for cooking and eating with friends and her insistence on responsible growing practices and safe, healthy food.

Read Lea’s Menu Musings

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Meet the Musicians

These folks have skills! And you will get the opportunity to listen to them on my soon to be released podcast {launching by the end of June 2012}.

Jason Armstrong BakerJason Armstrong Baker

Jason is the mastermind behind the music on my Womb-to-World Podcast and I dare say that his music ignites and engages listeners with the thrill and rush of an evolutionary pulse! He has been drumming for over 30 years and involved with the study of mind-body arts for more than a decade.  As a performing artist, composer and music therapist, Jason draws inspiration from numerous musical and healing traditions: African rhythmic harmony, Chinese 5 Elements, American Improvisation, and Yogic Breathe-work.

When he’s not composing, Jason performs with neo-psychedelic rock band Fractal Cat and accompanies modern dance classes at Towson University.
As a music therapist, Jason facilitates therapeutic drumming sessions with at-risk youth at alternative schools, after-school programs in Baltimore, and in a psychiatric hospital. He also drums with veterans at VA facilities and conducts team building and staff development sessions.

To find out more about Jason visit him at:

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Arindam Basu

Arindam works his musical magic for the Feldenkrais for EveryBODY Podcast. He is a drummer, songwriter, and music educator extraordinaire. Currently, he collaborates with Aram Carter in the band “red angel six” (music available on iTunes) and is the mix-master of many solo compositions. Arindam is also a practitioner and instructor of “A Zen Approach to the Drums” and offers lessons in the San Diego area.

Listen to more of Arindam’s music magic at:
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