Moving Meditation & Mindfulness

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All of us have the capacity to be mindful. Mindfulness simply involves cultivating the ability to give attention to the present moment. We can actively engage ourselves with the moment through our senses and our movement.

By noticing the thoughts and feelings that arise as we move, sense and feel we gradually become the observer. This practice gives us the freedom and internal spaciousness to reside in the momentary pause between thought and action. This is the root of awareness and the cultivation of mindfulness. This dialogue between awareness and action makes this activity a somatic exercise— the thinking body in motion.

The body in not separate from the mind. There is no thought without some correlated action within our physiology at some level. When you grow your ability to experience this, you are on your way to becoming embodied. As you become more embodied, your experiences of anxiety, anger, pain and other aspects of yourself are transformed. You begin to see life differently. You feel less ‘stuck’ as you recognize more options. And you live with more resilience and confidence.

More being, less doing! Develope the sense-ability you need to enjoy meditation & to move through life with ease.

I am not seeking to develop flexible bodies, but flexible minds.

— Moshe Feldenkrais