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Two Movement & Mindfulness Memberships

Why an online membership? Because it is often hard for people to get to a class as frequently as they would like or find an instructor they are comfortable with. Heck, here in the USA there are many communities that don't even offer regular meditation classes or have a local Feldenkrais Practitioner®.

But lack of availability is only half the equation. The reality is, we all need more movement in our life and going to one class a week simply won't cut it. So the question becomes... how do you create and sustain a home practice and a life full of motion? That's were my memberships come into play. Each of the memberships offers you a variety of themes and lesson lengths. You could choose to do a full lesson once a week and/or five minutes of movement several times a day. Just tune into what you need and it's there at your fingertips. 

Moving with Awareness Through Movement Feldenkrais Classes


It’s safe to say that most of us have reduced the amount we move as we have aged— limiting the variety of movements that we do on a day-to-day basis and rarely engage in novel (new) movements. These unconscious constraints have gradually limited our basic movement repertoire. And over time, our movements - and/or lack of them - shape who we are and how we move, think, sense, and feel.

Feeling in a Feldenkrais Class


Emotions are a part of our evolution as humans. Emotions are inherited, habituated and learned. We create and influence our emotions,  sometimes involuntarily and other times voluntarily, through how we move or restrain ourselves. Once we start to understand how our emotions and movements relate to and impact one another, we begin to develop a better sense of resiliency and emotional well-being.

Sensing yourself in a Feldenkrais Class


Engaging the senses is a powerful way to help regulate your nervous system and find a sense of flow in your movement. For those who have struggled with chronic pain, learning how to intentionally engage the senses can be a powerful practice for shifting pain — both neurologically and experientially. And consciously using our senses to relate to the environment can be a strong ally in helping us to self-regulate.


Thinking is more than a brain thing. In fact, some believe that thinking is done with the whole body. And, part of what we are up to in this work is learning how to tap into the power and genius that comes along with thinking with the whole self.To do so, we must begin to clarify our self-image. In the context of this work, that means ensuring that what we 'think' we are doing (our action) aligns with what we are actually doing (how we're moving).

Core Themes Offered In Both Memberships:


The Feldenkrais® & Mindfulness On Demand allows you to have  movement & meditation that fits into your life. You can move through our Awareness Through Movement® lessons and Mindfulness Practices on your own schedule in the comfort of your home...or on the road. Heck, you can even grab a friend or loved one and move together! Plus we've got a whole range of practice themes and practice times — from 5-60 minute practices.

You invited to try the first month for FREE! So join in the fun, become a member, and prepare for a bit of transformation as these lessons unravel some of your deep patterns of holding and expand your ability to engage with life!


You're interested in taking live Awareness Through Movement® classes but you don't have a class being offered near you or just can't find time to get to the studio. I've got you covered with the Feldenkrais® Live & Online Membership!

This live membership brings you live classes that run in a series each quarter with a minimum of six classes being offered throughout the series. All of the live class series include a companion course — which comes with a beginner & intermediate Awareness Through Movement lesson each week, 6-recorded meditation practices, and much more. Plus this membership includes everything in the On Demand Membership. So even if you miss a live class, you'll have an opportunity to do it on your time.