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Move for free, at your own pace and in your own space. The Forever Free MEMAP, Movement. Everyday Mindfulness. & Awareness Practices, offerings below are from my blog. All of the MEMAPs listed here contain an audio or video that is designed to guide you through a home practice.

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Why Are You Holding Your Breath?
Have you ever wondered why you hold your breath when doing something new? We often take our breath for granted,[...]
A Meditation On Embodying Space
You know how good it feels to do things that nourish your Self! Even if you’ve never sat your bum[...]
Finding Center
Everyone knows what it feels like to be a little off center—mentally or physically. When life pulls you in so[...]
An Introduction to The Body Scan
Finally, a good excuse to lie down and do nothing! Ok.. Maybe not quite nothing. Exploring the art of Body[...]
Finding Length Through Breath Awareness
Do you like your posture? Do you feel a bit slumpy or have that nagging voice that whispers, or screams,[...]
Movements Of The Jaw
Ahhhhh....the jaw! This lesson is a BONUS lesson in the Freeing The Jaw, Neck & Shoulders Series. The title of[...]
Begin Where You Are
Welcome to the first M.E.M.A.P. (Movement. Everyday Mindfulness. & Awareness Practices) audio lesson! Our first explorations focuses on the following[...]
Body Scan: Breath & Space
The 'Body Scan' can be used at the beginning and end of a Feldenkrais Lesson, or before any form of[...]