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Somatic Insights Journal

The Somatic Insights Journal was made with the Feldenkrais Method® in mind. It was created to be done in partnership with your classes or home audio program. By integrating the practices in this journal into your movement program, you’ll discover more about yourself and better understand how various types of lessons impact you. Over time, this will help you to curate a personal library of lessons that you can refer back to when you want to cultivate a particular sense of arousal or ease — in body and mind.

This journal is for…

  • Those who want to take an existing somatic movement practice to the next level

  • Those who struggle to integrate mindful movement into daily life

  • Those who feel a bit lost with self-inquiry

  • Those who are working with a Feldenkrais Practitioner® and want to track their progress and experience.



Inspirational Mug- Begin Coffee Mug

This one word of wonder mug was created to inspire motivation first thing in the morning. A reminder that the most important part of any task, of any dream, is to simply BEGIN. So grab your mug and your favorite brew and start each day anew. BEGIN.

You can find this and all of my Feldenkrais inspired graphic goods over at my Zazzle Store.