A Book Club That Moves Minds

Love To Read? Want to commune with others who love to read too? The BODY + BRAIN Book Club meets online and off!

The BODY + BRAIN Book Club reads and discusses 3-4 books a year. We gather online in the Conscious Movements Online Studio to share our insights and discoveries, receive some thought prompts for the week, and so much more. Plus, we gather virtually via Zoom for a live discussion online and locally in Troy, NY for a bit of face-to-face sharing. 


Book topics generally relate to:

  • The Impact of Trauma

  • The Microbiome

  • Mindfulness

  • Food As Medicine
    ... and more

  • Feldenkrais & Somatic Movement

  • Neuroplasticity

  • Chronic Pain

  • Mindset, Beliefs & Emotional Well-Being


Sounds good, right?

Join the BODY + BRAIN Book Club by clicking the button below. I'll take you to our virtual gathering space where you'll be able to join in the current read and even check out some of the books we've read in the past. I also encourage you to invite your friends to join the BODY + BRAIN Book Club. Then you'll get to double your fun by connecting with folks around the world and enjoying a bit of local love with peeps. 

If you're a Health Coach or Feldenkrais Practitioner, consider using my virtual space to gather online and and then create a local meet-up in your area. The more the marrier. 




some of the books We've Read


*Please note that these images are affiliate links with Amazon and I do earn a few pennies if you choose to purchase a book through the links.

how emotions are made