Mindfulness & Well-Being

Doing Less. Being More.

Mindfulness practices and the Feldenkrais Method® are both forms of self-awareness training. All of us have the capacity to be mindful. It simply involves cultivating the ability to give attention to the present moment, rather than being ‘absent’ in the present and on ‘automatic pilot’ much of the time. Mindfulness involves developing awareness of your body, mind and the world around you— in a non-judging way.

Feldenkrais helps you to develop the sense-ability you need to move into mindfulness and meditation with greater ease.

As we explore the gentle movements of the Felenkais Method, we actively engage ourselves with our movement, our senses, our feeling about those movements and senses and our thoughts about how we move, sense and feel.  The dialogue between awareness and action makes this activity a somatic exercise— the thinking body in motion.

In fact, in the Feldenkrais work we don’t perceive the body as separate from the mind. Rather we come to understand through our own experience, that there is no thought without some correlated action within our physiology—movement at some level.

Mindfulness & Feldenkrais Work Well For People Who Are:

• Interested in Meditation but can’t sit still
• Looking to improve the way they deal with stress
• Seeking to move past habitual patterns of moving, thinking and feeling
• Want to expand and embody their creative expression

As you become more embodied, you experiences of anxiety, anger, pain and other aspects of yourself can be transformed as you let them be the direct object of mindfulness. This can bring about a shift in how you see your problems. You may begin to see differently, feel less ‘stuck’, recognize more options, and live with more resilience and confidence.

Merging the Feldenkrais Method® with Mindfulness Based Practices can enhance your everyday awareness and bring a deeper sense of connection to LIFE itself.

Chris Elms
Life is meant to be amazing. Buffy understands and embodies this and makes surprising, gentle, clever and effective options available for others to change in ways that they wish for a better, more clear, healthy and conscious life.