The Feldenkrais Method and Dance

When I was considering applying to a Feldenkrais Professional Training Program® — most of my experience and exposure to the work was via Moshe Feldenkrais books, a bit of Awareness Through Movement, and the many testimonials of my friends who were studying dance & theater.

For me it was a sigh of relief that I could pursue a study that allowed me to dwell in my obsessions with neuroscience, kinesiology, and psychology all while surrounding myself with creative souls.

Above you have an opportunity to view an elegant and beautiful video on how Feldenkrais Practitioner,  Amy Shulman, integrates the teachings of The Feldenkrais Method and Dance.

“I really believe that in teaching, it is important to empower the student to be able to use more of themselves. I see the dancers really moving…. a sense that they are really dancing the movement and not executing a form.” -Ami Shulman

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    WOW!, How beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

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    Beautiful and powerful and inspiring!!

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