Private Sessions that are grounded in movement, mindfulness & self-discovery.

Changes don’t happen overnight, and it takes time to develop new habits. All of the work that I do as a Feldenkrais Practitioner® involves taking time to develop your awareness, expand your knowledge, and hone in on the skills you need to be successful. As part of that process, we’ll tap into the power of neuroplasticity to help you to rewire your pain and regain your lifeOnce you’ve mastered the process of working with yourself in this way, you’ll THRIVE.

I will be your guide and your coach.  You will be the expert.  Because nobody knows your body better than you.  I will teach you principles and give you tools to help restore balance in your body.  You will decide what works best and where you need the most help. We’ll use the gentle and mindful movements of the Feldenkrais Method and short and practical awareness practices to help you to uncover your habits of moving, thinking, sensing, and feeling. You will embody a sense of ease and grace. 



It’s safe to say that most of us have reduced the amount we move as we have aged— limiting the variety of movements that we do on a day-to-day basis and rarely engage in novel (new) movements. These unconscious constraints have gradually limited our basic movement repertoire. And over time, our movements - and/or lack of them - shape who we are and how we move, think, sense, and feel.

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Engaging the senses is a powerful way to help regulate your nervous system and find a sense of flow in your movement. For those who have struggled with chronic pain, learning how to intentionally engage the senses can be a powerful practice for shifting pain — both neurologically and experientially. And consciously using our senses to relate to the environment can be a strong ally in helping us to self-regulate.



Emotions are a part of our evolution as humans. Emotions are inherited, habituated and learned. We create and influence our emotions,  sometimes involuntarily and other times voluntarily, through how we move or restrain ourselves. Once we start to understand how our emotions and movements relate to and impact one another, we begin to develop a better sense of resiliency and emotional well-being.



Thinking is more than a brain thing. In fact, some believe that thinking is done with the whole body. And part of what we are up to in this work is learning how to tap into the power and genius that comes along with thinking with the whole self. To do so, we must begin to clarify our self-image. In the context of this work, that means ensuring that what we 'think' we are doing (our action) aligns with what we are actually doing (how we're moving).

What's Included In
The Feldenkrais Focus Program

I work with a limited number of clients at any one time. In part, this is because I request a commitment to at least 10-sessions. All of the work I do is about educating you and helping you to develop the skills and awareness necessary to no longer need my one-on-one services. Our work together is a process and most people work with me for 2-6 months. 

  • 10 private sessions (60 minutes)
  • Six custom audio lessons
  • Accountability, support, and inspiration via Client Portal
  • Weekly 'Open Office Hours' to answer questions or offer quick support
    (Office hours held via HIPPA compliant Chat or Video Chat)

The average cost of a session is $100-$125. However, I also offer partial scholarship to a select number of students/clients at any one time. So please, don't let the dollar signs be the reason that you don't book a free 20-minute Discovery Session.