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Reaching & Rolling Online Series

Classes With Jenn Brown Reaching & Rolling Awareness Through Movement Header (1).png

Running June 5-26th

When you stop exploring movement, you will narrow your range of options. And when our options disintegrate, we often feel ourselves shrink. Sometimes, to the point of feeling disconnected from who we are.

Movements that demands motor planning or that are new to you, like the movement puzzles of Awareness Through Movement®, challenges your brain in a good way. This type of movement improves the way that you move and can help support proper brain health. More than that, they can help you to find yourself in motion.

As you explore the Awareness Through Movement® lessons in this series, you'll find that you'll begin to shift out of old habits. And as you change your habits and increase your options, you'll feel more resilient, and life will seem less stressful. Your old patterns will start drift into the distance as your new habits grow.

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