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Pay What You Want: A Soft Gaze

OCTOBER Class: A Soft Gaze

How you see the world determines the way in which you move through the world. Our eyes, neck, back, limbs, breathing, and quality of mind are all interconnected. As our thoughts move busily here and there, our eyes respond and move busily here and there. When our posture is tight and tense, our eyes will be tight and tense. When our breathing is held or frozen, our eyes will be held and frozen. So, as we soften our gaze we soften every aspect of the way that we move through life. 

“The body reflects the attitudes of the mind. Improve the function of the body and you must improve the state of the mind. The movements are nothing. They’re an idiotic thing. What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies, but flexible brains.” —Moshe Feldenkrais

Space is limited and registration is required.

The Pay What You Want, or Dāna, virtual classes are part of my "Pay It Forward" program. All of the funds collected for these classes are put into a 'scholarship' fund for those with chronic pain who are on a fixed income or who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford to work with me without one of us sacrificing our financial well-being.