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Pay What You Want: Free Your Face

SEPTEMBER Class: Free Your Face

How do you face the world? Many of us hold a great deal of tension in our face – eyes, jaw, cheeks, and mouth. And nearly all of us have habitual facial expressions. These habits, like all habits, affect how we move and contribute to our general emotional constitution. Freeing your face can free your movement throughout your entire body. 

“...the great majority of people live active and satisfactory enough lives behind their masks to enable them to stifle more or less painlessly any emptiness they may feel whenever they stop and listen to their hearts.” —Moshe Feldenkrais

Space is limited and registration is required.

The Pay What You Want, or Dāna, virtual classes are part of my "Pay It Forward" program. All of the funds collected for these classes are put into a 'scholarship' fund for those with chronic pain who are on a fixed income or who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford to work with me without one of us sacrificing our financial well-being.  

Earlier Event: September 25