Finding Ease In The Jaw

Finding Ease In The Jaw



The Awareness Through Movement® & Attune To Awareness practices included in this series are designed to help you to improve the function of your mouth and jaw. Learn how to easily reduce the muscular stress and tension in your jaw, mouth, face, neck, and shoulders. For most, this means easier movement and less pain.

These lessons can be of great benefit to those who experience pain and discomfort in their head, neck, and jaw. However, some difficulties require you to see a dentist, doctor, or oral surgeon. So if you are experiencing pain, please do not hesitate to speak with your healthcare provider. But know, that these lessons can supplement any program for added relief.

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What You’ll Receive In This Program

Awareness Through Movement Audio Lessons

Four Awareness Through Movement® Lessons
Audio Format

You’ll get four full Awareness Through Movement® audio lessons that are designed to spark up your nervous system powers and get you moving! Each lesson is approximately 25-40 minutes in length. These are ideal for a once-a-week deep dive!

Lessons In This Series:

  1. Primary Jaw Movement

  2. Improving Neck & Shoulders To Ease The Jaw

  3. Movements Of The Jaw & The Head

  4. Easing The Tongue To Free The Jaw

Eight Attune To Awareness Practices
Audio Format

All of the Awareness Through Movement® lessons are accompanied by two short Attune To Awareness Practices.

These shorter practices are designed to deepen your learning experience and keep you moving throughout the day. The Attune To Awareness Practices are typically 5-15 minutes long.

You'll Receive

  • Four practices that are designed to be done sitting at your desk or in standing.

  • Four practice that you can do in bed.

Attune To Awareness Practices
Movement Mantras - Anchor Your Awareness

Four Movement Mantras
Printable Handout

The movement mantras are where the magic happens. They’re designed to help you to anchor your awareness in everyday activities. These are often the access point for creating a habit out of awareness. For most, it inspires a sense of curiosity and intrigue with the ordinary. They also help to shine the light on where you tend strain and pain in your movements. When you combine them with the Awareness Through Movement® and Attune To Awareness Practices you gain the skill and awareness necessary to change for good.

For best results, use one a week to deepen your awareness and expand your learning.

Awareness Through Movement® Guide
Printable Handout

This 20-page handout is chock full of information that will help you to get the most out of your Awareness Through Movement® home practice. I’ve even included custom images to help you better understand how to best use the information you’re reading.

Here’s What It Includes:

  1. Precautions & Considerations

  2. Prepare Your Space:
    → How to set up your space for a fully nourishing practice.

  3. Find Support & Comfort:
    → How to support yourself on your back, side, and front.

  4. Prepare Yourself:
    → General practicalities & tips for mental preparation.