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Pay  what you want + help another thrive with my Pay It Forward Program.

Pay What You Want

Awareness Through Movement® & Guided Meditation

The Pay What You Want, or Dāna,  virtual classes are part of my "Pay It Forward" program. All of the funds collected for these classes are put into a 'scholarship' fund for those with chronic pain who are on a fixed income or who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford to work with me without one of us sacrificing our financial well-being.  

All of the Dāna based Awareness Through Movement classes are typically held once a month. Registration is required for the classes. To receive registration information, please click the "Join The Movement" button below.  

Give. Listen. Move.

Recorded Audio Lessons

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Dāna (pronounced “DAH-nuh”), noun.

Dāna is a Sanskrit and Pali term meaning “generosity” or “giving” of alms, donations, or materials, But it can also mean a giving of energy or wisdom (dharma) to others. In Buddhism, it also refers to the practice of cultivating unattached and unconditional generosity, giving and letting go.

A Dāna Based Practice

Why Dāna Based Practice?

Three Reasons:

The first is simple. It resonates with me. I was first introduced to the concept of dāna while attending a meditation retreat. I was simply told to pay what I could and what I felt the teaching was worth… a cup of tea, a pizza, a night out or a weekend away. To be honest, this approach resonates with me. I like the permission to honor where one is in life. I like the suggestion of examining what I might give up to give. I like knowing that what I give supports another.

The second reason is a bit more selfish. You see, teaching on a dāna is itself a form of dāna. It helps me to nurture my own sense of generosity, trust, goodwill, gratitude, and a sense of community. The practice of generosity is a significant spiritual practice in its own right. The dāna system encourages me as much as it encourages you to engage in a practice of generosity. The question of how much to give in dāna has prompted me to reflect deeply on my own values, fears, and generosity.

The third reason is a bit more practical. I wanted to find a way to support those who wouldn't otherwise be able to work with me without one of us compromising our own financial well-being.  

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