Pay what You Want

Thank you for joining me for an
awareness Through Movement® Classes

If you enjoyed the class, or are looking forward to it. Then please consider making a payment. You can choose to pay as little or as much as you want. 

The Pay What You Want, or Dāna, virtual classes are part of my "Pay It Forward" program. All of the funds collected for these classes are put into a 'scholarship' fund for those with chronic pain who are on a fixed income or who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford to work with me without one of us sacrificing our financial well-being.  

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Inspired By The Practice Of Dāna

Why A Dāna Based Practice?
Three Reasons


The first is simple. It resonates with me. I was first introduced to the concept of dāna while attending a meditation retreat. I was simply told to pay what I could and what I felt the teaching was worth… a cup of tea, a pizza, a night out or a weekend away. To be honest, this approach resonates with me. I like the permission to honor where one is in life. I like the suggestion of examining what I might give up to give. I like knowing that what I give supports another.


The second reason is a bit more selfish. You see, teaching on a dāna is itself a form of dāna. It helps me to nurture my own sense of generosity, trust, goodwill, gratitude, and a sense of community. The practice of generosity is a significant spiritual practice in its own right. The dāna system encourages me as much as it encourages you to engage in a practice of generosity. The question of how much to give in dāna has prompted me to reflect deeply on my own values, fears, and generosity.


The third reason is a bit more practical. I wanted to find a way to support those who wouldn't otherwise be able to work with me without one of us compromising our own financial well-being.