What infants need is the opportunity and time to take in and figure out the world around them.

-Magda Gerber

By Buffy Owens, GCFP | Video Animation & Conscious Quotes

Aug 30

Feldenkrais TweetWhat infants need is the opportunity and time to take in and figure out the world around them. -Magda Gerber

Magda Gerber was the founder of the Resources for Infant Educarers (a.k.a The RIE Method). We studied a bit about her approach in my Feldenkrais Training Program and her approach to working with infants has had a huge impact on my practice as a Feldenkrais Practitioner. I love how the method promotes observing and respecting the infant and her developmental process. Conscious Quote 6 Magda Gerber

The RIE®  Method encourages:
  • Basic trust in the child to be an initiator, an explorer and a self-learner
  • An environment for the child that is physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing
  • Time for uninterrupted play
  • Freedom to explore and interact with other infants
  • Involvement of the child in all care activities to allow the child to become an active participant rather than a passive recipient
  • Sensitive observation of the child in order to understand his or her needs
  • Consistency, clearly defined limits and expectations to develop discipline

This list was provided by the RIE Organization. To learn more about Magda Gerber and the RIE Method, visit: www.rie.org

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