This Workshop Has Been Postponed Until September 2014. Date TBD.

If you are mature, this is a must for your vitality & functionality as you age!

The Bones. Posture. Balance. workshop is an accessible program for supporting vital bones through movement and awareness processes. You start where you are and build from there.

Bones For Life addresses one of the chronic problems of today’s sedentary lifestyle, the deterioration of bone tissue. More and more people are finding their work commitments allow little or no time for exercise. This can leave them stressed and tense, putting their bones at risk. There is a huge increase in injuries and suffering due to the seemingly irreversible degeneration in bone tissue. However bone is a living organ, constantly renewing its cells. The rate of this cell renewal is determined by demand; the more functional pressure the bones experience, the more they are stimulated to renew themselves.

This program includes many processes designed to improve skeletal alignment during weight bearing movement. Based on Bones For Life – the work of Ruthy Alon these processes are taught worldwide and are helping people to upgrade their quality of life, bones, and overall health and vitality. Strengthening the bones cannot be gained without overall improvement. Isn’t that refreshing? A side effect as good as the effect we are after!

These classes are suitable for people of any age or fitness level. What is needed is the desire to contribute to your own well-being. So come on out from behind the computer desk, after a visit at the doctor’s office, out of the seat of your car or your life on overdrive and align yourself to vitality.

Come And Discover

  • alignment for optimal posture and movement
  • the wisdom inherent in your body and improve your coordination and stability
  • strategies for protecting vulnerable joints
  • the grace and flexibility of your movement
  • natural, rhythmic patterns of locomotion and dynamic walking
  • biological optimism and conditions conducive to bone health
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The Center for Nia & Yoga
4 Central Ave
Albany, NY 12210

About Victoria Ahrensdorf

Victoria Ahrensdorf-200x300Victoria Ahrensdorf was fortunate to study directly with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais beginning in1978, and is a graduate of his second, and final, United States 4 year Feldenkrais Professional Training program (1980-1983). Victoria, also, has studied for years directly with one of his earliest students, Ruthy Alon, from Jerusalem, Israel, who developed the “Bones For Life” program out of the Feldenkrais way of thinking. Victoria has been in private practice since 1983 at the Northampton Feldenkrais Studio in Northampton, Massachusetts, assisting babies, children and adults to learn how to learn to move with more ease and grace in the context of neurological challenges, pain and debilitating injuries. She has also taught in 4 year FPTPs around the country since 1994. Victoria is very grateful to have had access to this work to use the Feldenkrais Method in her own life to recover her ability to walk following serious accidents, illnesses and surgeries. You can learn more and contact her via: