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Feldenkrais Is So Much More Than Movement

I LOVE reading The Elusive Obvious!

The book is only available in Hardback format; which brings me a special kind of sensorial gratification. As I hold the book in my hands, I can feel the strength of the binding and the subtle texture beneath my fingertips. The simplicity of the firm black and white cover delights my minimalist spirit as the title begs me to delve into a koan-istic approach to moving and learning.

As I flip through the dense and fibrous pages, I digest each word of somatic wonder. My mind starts to bend towards a deeper realization that this work, The Feldenkrais Method®, is so much more than movement. What we discover about ourselves can reverberate throughout our lives.

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Who’s Your Saboteur?

We all have a way to which we hold ourselves back. Ways in which we keep ourselves safe by settling for what is familiar. For example, try simply noticing that voice inside your head that gets very chatty whenever you are about to make a decision or do something new, especially something that could result in change. Is it telling you that you’re nuts to consider what you are thinking of doing? Does it say that you failed once before and will probably do so again? Or is your voice like a sly cat, sweetly seducing you to eat those fries and chocolate shake?

Simply noticing these habitual stories, seductive voices, and destructive dialogues will help you to realize that there are inner saboteurs at work. In the act of noticing you begin to empower yourself to make truly conscious decisions that will result in positive and lasting changes in your life.  

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Images Of Aging The Feldenkrais Way

We have all been told that aging brings with it aches, pains and loss of function. Many of us have even accepted the fact that joint pain is inevitable and that we will someday have to give up doing those things that bring us the most joy.

But what if there’s another way?

Recently a growing number of people are finding another way. They are finding their way to the Feldenkrais Method® — a type of somatic movement that incorporates small, intentional physical movements with mental visualization to teach the body how to move more efficiently and effectively.

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Finding Chi

The Year was 1994 and I was a bicycling dread-head with a desperate urge to grow my consciousness, heal my body and figure out why the holy heavens I was here on earth.

I had not yet entered my 20’s and although I had lived in at least five states, all of them were in the Midwest…  which by the way is awesome for oh-so-many reasons. But none the less, my belly ached with a desire to find something different — to be something different.

I was living in a personally mystical time and in the magical town of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was blessed to be a part of a wonderful tribe of women who were all searching for a way to live more fully and a way to make their mark on this earth.

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What Sound Does The Moon Make

“What sound does the Moon make?” he said to me on our way home from the park.

“I don’t know, what do you hear?” I replied.

The boy closed his eyes and turned his ears to the moon. There he stood, listening with his complete self. Listening to hear the whispers of the moon. I watched him in awe. How beautiful to ask such a tender question. How inspiring to turn inward, to listen.

The days passed and this question danced within me like a child hearing rhythm for the first time. “What sound does the moon make?” 

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