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Images Of Aging The Feldenkrais Way

We have all been told that aging brings with it aches, pains and loss of function. Many of us have even accepted the fact that joint pain is inevitable and that we will someday have to give up doing those things that bring us the most joy.

But what if there’s another way?

Recently a growing number of people are finding another way. They are finding their way to the Feldenkrais Method® — a type of somatic movement that incorporates small, intentional physical movements with mental visualization to teach the body how to move more efficiently and effectively.

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Move Through Life With Ease & Age Well

A big part of aging gracefully is being willing to change how you think. One of the easiest facets of shifting our thoughts is to shift how our thinking about movement and to become a thinking body. Remember, the manner in which you treat your body is inseparable from the manner in which you cope with other aspects of life.

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