Notes Of Gratitude

Bruce Chronic Pain

The proof has been in the proverbial pudding: I have significantly reduced the number of medications I take/took regularly and have cut way back on the dosages of others. There has been such a reduction in pain overall that I was able to do things I hadn’t done in years, even decades.

I am in pain much of the time but after seeing Buffy my hip joints have not hurt at all.

Barbara Hip Pain
Cindy Overcame Limitations

Initially, I came to Buffy to see if the Feldenkrais method could help me overcome limitations from an injury. I’ve stayed because it offered that and so much more.

As a mother and grandmother, I appreciate how Buffy’s expertise can benefit new parents and children and wish I had known of Feldenkrais when my children were young. Now, at 62, I benefit on many other levels.

Each class is a journey of discovery for me, challenging but mentally and physically rewarding. I find a chance to laugh at myself and the habits I’ve developed over the years; habits that may have been useful when I was younger but now limit me. With Buffy’s guidance, I find new and easier ways to move and my listening, concentration and observation skills all improve.

As I enter the “rusty” years, I’ve come to appreciate how these new ways can be used to enhance every day. Each day I find new applications, for example, from gardening, driving, reading, hiking, rolling on the floor to play with my grandchildren to, very importantly, getting up off the floor.

I consider Buffy’s teachings a gift. She has shown me that at any age you can grow with movement.

I want you to know that Buffy’s coaching has helped me more than any other aspect of my brain injury rehab or retraining and I am so thankful for all she’s done.

MelvinBrain Injury
Dr. Deborah Briggs More Creativity

Buffy has opened a whole new world of creativity to me through the world of movement. Learning to experiment with what is fun and actually feels good as I increase my strength and flexibility helps me move into my day with more ease and confidence.

I first came to Buffy for personal training after my son was born in 2003. She helped reintroduce me to my abdominal muscles. Since then I have seen her as a Feldenkrais practitioner for postural issues and injuries. I love to Crossfit and I was having sore knees. Buffy helped me so much and brought an awareness that I still carry with me into workouts. When my son was diagnosed with developmental dyspraxia I knew Buffy could help him integrate his reflexes. Her rapport with my son was so sweet & he really looked forward to going. If you check her education you would be pleasantly surprised that she’s as smart as Spock! She’s got a passion for the physical and emotional body. She can certainly help you with yours.

BrendaMyself & My Son
Miranda Natural Way with Children

Buffy has been working with my step-daughter, a very special 5 year old girl with mental, physical and emotional challenges. We have seen positive changes in a short amount of time. Buffy has a natural way with children that puts them at ease as well as encourages them.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my session, but the gentle movements that Buffy used helped my posture, my lower back pain, and my joints. Perfect for pregnancy and beyond!

ChristianaPerfect for Pregnancy
Tammy Excellent with Children

I always find Buffy extremely easy to communicate with and would recommend her to anyone. She is excellent with children and helped me a lot during my pregnancy.

Although I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for 15 years and have helped many people with pain, there are occasions when my own old injuries flare up. As humbling as that can be, I feel safe and can trust Buffy to work on my body when it’s hurting. She is an amazingly skilled practitioner and I give her the highest respect and recommendation.

PeteAmazingly Skillful
Susan Meditative State

We are so fortunate to have Buffy in the Capital Region! My first class took me to a deeply meditative state and awareness unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend her!

Dr. Jen Holistic Nature

Buffy has an amazing wealth of knowledge at her fingertips, and it is the variety and holistic nature of her background and expertise that leads to honoring the whole person……She challenges you to stretch beyond what you think is possible-and helps you to enjoy the journey!

Life is meant to be amazing. Buffy understands and embodies this and makes surprising, gentle, clever and effective options available for others to change in ways that they wish for a better, more clear, healthy and conscious life.

ChrisConscious Life
Anita Improved Well-Being

Buffy is vivacious, focused, and devoted to helping her clients. She is a positive person who always maintains a can-do spirit. With each Feldenkrais lesson I have received from Buffy, I have benefited and improved my well-being.

Acclaim for The Feldenkrais Method®

“This is the most sophisticated and effective method I have seen for the prevention and reversal of deterioration of function. We’re condemning millions of people to a deteriorated old age that’s not necessary.”  
— Margaret Mead, PhD, Anthropologist

“Feldenkrais is not just pushing muscles around, but changing things in the brain itself.”
— Karl Pribram, M.D., Neuroscientist, Stanford Univ, Winner of the Havel Prize in Neuroscience

“As a neuroscientist interested in the development and plasticity of the nervous system, it is gratifying to see how the Feldenkrais Method demonstrates these principles. The Feldenkrais Method has also greatly improved my personal quality of life—physically and emotionally—by reducing the restrictions and limitations I thought were permanent due to multiple sclerosis.”
— Maria Luskin, Professor Emory University Medical School

“The Feldenkrais Method is changing the image in the motor cortex; and our brain, feeling the freedom of the new learning, rushes to meet it.” 
— Arno Gruen, M.D., Psychiatrist

“Feldenkrais has studied the body in movement with a precision I have found nowhere else.” 
— Peter Brook, Film & Stage Director

“The Feldenkrais Method is the most extraordinary way of enhancing human abilities I have encountered.”
—Walter Witryol, MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

“Moshe Feldenkrais has created a towering body of knowledge. There is no other theory or practice that delves so knowingly and deeply into the relationship between the body, its reflexes, its habitual levels of muscular tension, and gravity. Feldenkrais [is] as seminal to somatics as Freud was to psychology.” 
— Robert Shaw, M.D., Medical Director, The Family Institute of Berkeley, CA

“The Feldenkrais Method is an incredible, quick and easy tool, and a must for anyone who suffers from chronic pain and tension, and loss of flexibility.” 
— Alex Shester, M.D.

“Feldenkrais represents a revolution in human health.”
— Smithsonian Magazine

“I was totally awed by the amazing sophisticated knowledge that this system [has]…”
—Dr. Esther Thelen, Professor of Psychology, Indiana University, Director of the Infant Motor Development Laboratory, Author, with Linda Smith, of A Dynamic Systems Approach to the Development of Cognition and Action

“Moshe Feldenkrais was one of the first neuroplasticians…Feldenkrais’ insights have been reaffirmed by the neuroscientist Michael Merzenich, who showed that long-term neuroplastic change occurs most readily when a person or an animal pays close attention while learning.”
—Dr. Norman Doidge, Psychiatrist and Author The Brain’s Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity

“Genius, of the magnitude possessed by Moshe Feldenkrais defies categorization: what, after all, was he? He could function at the highest level in nuclear physics, as a martial artist, as an inventor, as a developer of top-secret counterespionage projects, and as one of the most prescient observers of neuroscience. But the role for which he would have wished to be remembered was his bringing all these backgrounds together to become one of the most important forces in holistic healing, who fused insights from Eastern thought and Western science in a whole new way. Now, finally, the great integrative genius and master of turning scientific insights into practical ways to help people has found, in Mark Reese, the biographer he deserves. Moshe Feldenkrais: A Life in Movement, Volume One, is a fastidiously researched, exciting, profoundly insightful story, that gets deep inside the mind of the swashbuckling, theatrical, brilliant integrator, as he lived through many of the greatest intellectual, political, and scientific events of the 20th century, met and worked with many of the most creative scientists and clinicians, and who, in his struggle to overcome his own major injury, pioneered a unique way of teaching people to learn how to learn, and to change their brains, by increasing awareness of whatever they did, providing the foundation for a gentle but powerful approach to alleviating human suffering.”
—Dr. Norman Doidge, book jacket blurb for the recently published biography of Moshe Feldenkrais, Moshe Feldenkrais, A Life in Movement by Mark Reese

“I have long been intrigued by this subtle form of retraining the nervous system. I find it to be much more useful than standard physical therapy. I also believe the Feldenkrais Method can help older people achieve greater range of motion and flexibility, and help all of us feel more comfortable in our bodies.”
— Andrew Weil, MD