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The Process

1. Free Phone Consultation (30 minutes) Whether you are seeking more information for yourself or for you child, want to know more about classes or private sessions, or just curious about this work can benefit you—this is where you will want to begin. It’s risk free and it will give us an opportunity to connect and learn about one another. Then together, we will determine what the next step is.


*If you are parent please make sure to have some alone time, as I prefer not to talk about children in front of them unless they are involved in the conversation.

2. Introductory Session (90 minutes) Now once we have had our phone chat, we may have decided to book at least one private session or you may be skipping this step and heading straight into the classroom.

However, if you are brand new to the Feldenkrais Method, then I highly recommend scheduling a Introductory Session. In this initial session we will have a conversation with some leading questions, do a brief hands-on evaluation, and a short Awareness Through Movement exploration. Basically, we will explore a bit of both aspects of the Fekdenkrais Method so that you have a feel for what happens both in the group classes and in the private sessions.

I will give you my honest opinion for what is possible and together we come up with a plan that works for you. This could include private sessions, classes, a combination of the two or referral out. 

3. Private Sessions (60 minutes) For most people, three to six lessons are recommended to lay the foundation. Most people feel a difference after just one class or private session. But for many, the method is so gentle and so unlike anything they have done before, that allowing a little time for their ability to sense the changes can be a life changing experience.

For some, a few sessions may be all they need before they are able to use the principles on their own in a basic way. Other people study for several months or years with varying intensities. The length of your study would depend on your learning style, your physical capacities, and own effort.

Many choose to continue doing private Feldenkrais Sessions  as “tune ups” on a regular basis, be it monthly or seasonally, while attending regular Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Classes or doing recorded ATM lessons at home. The longer you continue to explore movement the Feldenkrais way, the more you will learn and the more you will improve.

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4. Follow-Up Consultation (30 minutes) Every person that commits to a package of private sessions, receives a 30 minute consultation. This can be taken half-way through the series to clarify any questions that are arising, or at the end of the series to sum things up or create a plan for how to continue the work at home.

5. Join The Community This happen at any stage and in a variety of ways. You may choose to attend classes to both further your learning and connect with others interested in exploring movement and life mindfully. You may decide to share the love yourself and invite your friends and family to join in the Conscious Movements fun!

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Tammy Rosen Wilbur

Buffy Owens is a talented somatic practitioner.  She has an extremely gentle touch that produced significant results in my structural alignment.  She helped me a lot during my pregnancy and is excellent with children! I always find Buffy extremely easy to communicate with and would recommend her to anyone.

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Other Ways to Begin

1. Free Introductory Class: Join me for a free introductory prenatal class online—held on the First Friday of every other month.  The Introductory Classes are held via Google Hangouts online, so if you are new to the cyber classes then you may want to book a one-on-one consult to make sure you are ready to go.

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2. be Moved. be eMused: Sign-up for the eMuse and receive FREE Feldenkrais Lessons & Guided Meditation Practices, Everyday Awareness Videos and musings that are guaranteed to get you moving. Once you register, you can expect to receive this tasty treat in your inbox every week or two.


3. Explore My Blog: The Conscious Movements blog is chock full of goodies! From Feldenkrais Videos to Birth Stories and Mindfulness Practices to Development Discussions. Heck there is even a bit Poetry in the mix, along with some AMAZING guest posts from muses around the world. So why not…

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