Movement for Musicians

Feldenkrais Method & Musical Mastery

with Special Guest Instructor
Josh Schereiber Shalem

March 2, 2014 from 11am-6pm

Early Bird Extended!
Only $90 if you register before March 1st ($120 thereafter)

Center for Nia & Yoga
4 Central Ave.   Albany, NY

Would you like to become aware of the intimate relationship between the way that you use your body and the music that you create? You know those masters of their art who seem to make music effortlessly? What if that effortlessness is not so much the result of mastery as it is a path to mastery?

We will explore movement patterns relevant to musicians, such as dynamic sitting, freeing and supporting the breath, and effective use of the hands.

In this Feldenkrais for Musicians workshop you will experience how becoming aware of yourself and what you are doing can make a difficult task more achievable once you stop trying so hard. We will also explore how to apply this sort of awareness to the art of practicing and making music.

Experience The Benefits:

  • Improve the quality and dynamic range of your sound
  • Increase speed and agility without increasing tension
  • Find freedom from right/wrong dichotomy that musicians often get stuck in
  • Learn to practice more efficiently
  • Discover a sense of flow & deep satisfaction

Optional: Bring your instrument of choice—string, wind, brass, keys, percussion or voice. Each Awareness Through Movement lesson will include an opportunity to explore how you play both before and after. However, playing is optional. No instrument. No problem.

Can’t Make the Whole Day?

A few people have contacted us who are really excited to attend this event. However, they can’t make the whole day. We have decided to open a few slots in the first half of the day for people who can only do half of the event.

Have-Day Cost: $60 if you register before March 1st  and $75 thereafter.

Please note that there are a very limited number of half-day spaces available. To register for the Half-Day Click Here

Go Further

Want an opportunity to deepen your learning after the workshop? Can’t make the workshop but still long to learn more about Feldenkrais for Musicians from a pro? You are in luck!  Josh has generously offered to provide five private sessions on Monday, March 3rd. Each personalized Feldenkrais session will be an hour long and the focus will be specifically on your needs.

Cost: $120*

*Attend the workshop and receive 20% off of your private session!

About Josh Schreiber Shalem

Josh Shreeber Feldenkrais PractitionerThe Feldenkrais Method has been my path back to musicianship after injury, and has remained my path as an active musician.

In the mid-1990s, as I was finishing my undergraduate as a cellist at Bennington College, I began experiencing discomfort in my wrists and fore-arms as I played. Within a year or so, I couldn’t even hold a pen in my hand without pain, let alone play the cello. The following decade began with trips to various doctors from both Western and Eastern traditions, and progressed to studies in the Alexander Technique, Tai-Chi and Chi-Gung, and finally, the Feldenkrais Method, as I gradually found my way out of injury and towards mastery. I now hold a Masters in Early Music Performance from the Longy School of Music, and am active as a professional musician.

Along the way, I have found that this work is about more than being comfortable with your instrument, or avoiding / recovering from injury (though it is the best that you can do for either of those). Every single musician I have worked with, be they string players, wind players, keyboard players or singers, has discovered immediate improvements in the quality of sound, agility, and — perhaps most importantly — musical phrasing and expression. Check out this issue of SenseAbility for some articles about practice of the Feldenkrais Method for musicians.

The hands-on work can be on a table or at the instrument. I have taught musicians using the Feldenkrais Method at the New England Conservatory, the Longy School of Music, and the Berklee College of Music (where I currently coordinate the annual Richard Ehrman Memorial Feldenkrais series. I have also taught Feldenkrais at Amherst Early Music the Viola da Gamba Society summer Conclave, am on the faculty of the World Fellowship Early Music Week, as both Feldenkrais teacher and music coach.

I love working with musicians one-on-one or coaching ensembles, and every now and then I offer a series of Awareness Through Movement classes aimed at musicians. Contact me if you might be interested in any of those options!

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