Monday Night Zen Meditation

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm



Zen meditation is known as Zazen and is a silent meditation practice that cultivates the virtues of the enlightened mind. Basically, zazen is the study of the self. The great Master Dogen said, “To study the Buddha Way is to study the self, to study the self is to forget the self, and to forget the self is to be enlightened by the ten thousand things.”

Perfect for Beginners

These classes include a 20-30 minute sitting meditation (zazen), a short walking meditation (kinhin), and chanting of the Heart Sutra. Practice Group Leader, Reuben Shojin Bruchez, will offer basic meditation instructions and an introduction to the format of zazen practice, so newcomers are encouraged to attend.

By Donation

All of the Meditation Classes are offered in the spirit of dana, a Sanskrit/Pali word meaning giving or gift. The practice of generosity takes us beyond a sense of separation and constitutes the heart of life affirming community. So, please come and give what you can, be it your presence and support or a financial contribution. A small portion will be given the Practice Leader to pay for transportation expenses and the rest will be donated to a featured non-profit.


About Reuben Shojin Bruchez

Practice Group Leader

Reuben Shojin Bruchez is a Zen Buddhist and Practice Group Leader in the Mokurai, or Silent Thunder, Soto Zen lineage. Reuben’s dharma name, Shojin, translates to Non-dual Effort. Shojin Bruchez has been formally practicing in the Soto Zen tradition for over a decade, and was authorized as a Practice Group Leader in 2009.

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