Why Feldenkrais?

People come to the Feldenkrais Method for a variety of reasons. Some are moving toward a goal like an easier childbirth, better well-being, or enhanced performance. Others are moving away from something they no longer wish to have in their life, like pain & discomfort. Where ever you are on the spectrum, the values or desires below are a pretty good indicator of whether or not this work is for you.

Our limitations, what ever they are, are easily surpassed by improving our ability to sense ourselves in motion. A crucial part of what is needed in order to tap into creativity, enhance well-being, or improve the way we move through life—is an internal understanding of what it means to be mindful and awareness of how to move differently through life. I believe these two key elements give you both the power and freedom to live a life of choice.

As we explore the gentle movements of the Felenkais Method, we actively engaged engage ourselves with our movement, our senses, our feeling about those movements and senses and our thoughts about how we move, sense and feel.  The dialogue between awareness and action makes this activity a somatic exercise – the thinking body in motion. In fact, in the Feldenkrais work we don’t perceive the body as separate from the mind. Rather we come to understand through our own experience, that there is no thought without some correlated action within our physiology—movement at some level.

Do any of the following describe you?

  • You value learning
  • You are ready for change
  • You have a desire to move past the habits that limit you
  • Your family’s health & well-being is important to you
  • You are patient and supportive of yourself (or want to be)

If  any of the above move you, then I can almost certainly help you.

Why ‘almost certainly’? Well, I don’t want to make any rash or inflated claims. That would be dishonest and potentially hurtful. What I can say is that I have worked many, many students, and nearly all of them have experienced a sustained and lasting improvement in well-being.

You see the essence of the Feldenkrais Method is learning how to learn. When you begin to embody some of the basic elements of organic learning, you regain a deeper sense of freedom and a curiosity about life that is profound. Before you know it, you are moving past the limitation that brought you here and into a life that is full of endless possibilities.

Three Ways To Experience The Feldenkrais Method:

Weekly Classes

Grow Better, Together

Offering three weekly Awareness Through Movement Classes. So come, enjoy a safe space where you can find the place where your body meets your mind, so that you can easily move past the habits that limit you and into a life filled with ease.

Private Sessions

Designed For You

The Private Feldenkrais Functional Integration lessons are a time when two people (me and you) move together towards a common good/goal for a brighter tomorrow.

Monthly Workshops

Mini Movement Retreats

I am now offering TWO MONTHLY Workshops for your moving pleasure! The Feldenkrais 101 Workshops are guaranteed to get you moving. While the Conscious Movements Workshops will take you deeper into who you are and what moves you.

Feel The Love

See What Others Have To Say

Archie Underwoood

Buffy is highly educated and skilled as a hands on practitioner too boot. She works wonders whether it be leading a group class or individual sessions. Receiving work from her is a subtle but profound experience that brings about shifts in physical awareness that can translate to pain reduction as well as functional improvement. Highly recommended.

Archie UnderwooodStructural Integration Practitionerbgoodell.com
Pete Kirchmer

Although I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for 15 years and have helped many people with pain, there are occasions when my own old injuries flare up. As humbling as that can be, I feel safe and can trust Buffy to work on my body when it’s hurting. She is an amazingly skilled practitioner and I give her the highest respect and recommendation.

Pete KirchmerMindfulness Based Health

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