I LOVE Learning almost as much as I LOVE Teaching! I also believe that health, wellness and embodied learning should be accessible to everyone.  Thus, I have partnered with other like-minded practitioners to offer a variety of weekly classes, workshops and events that can support you along your journey to self-discovery.

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Classes I Offer

Awareness Through Movement

Awareness Through Movement Feldenkrais Class 250

These Feldenkrais Classes take you through a series of gentle movement sequences that create immediate improvements in personal awareness, posture, balance and flexibility. Each Awareness Through Movement class is offers a 30-min Tea & Talk Time for sharing your experience, asking questions or to simply get to know the grow community.

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Special Attention: Awareness Through Movement

Awareness Through Movement - Special Attention

These classes are designed specifically for those who experience chronic pain, suffering from high stress or those seeking to avoid injuries related to repetitive motions. Each class is complete with a series of gentle movement sequences, mindfulness practices to integrate into daily life, and a supportive community. Each class is followed by an optional 30-min Tea & Talk.

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Baby Observation & Nurturing Development

Baby Observations Nurturing Development 250

These classes offer a unique opportunity for small groups of parents to come together and grow their ability to appreciate and nurture the nuances of their infants’ unfolding development. By learning to look for the natural progression of development and better understand their infants’ subtle cues of communication, parents are able to encourage each infant to learn and explore at it’s own pace. Classes are held in a relaxing, calm and infant friendly-environment and followed by an optional 30-minute “Tea & Talk Time.”

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Movement & Meditation


Interested in Meditation but can’t sit still? Come and explore how to move, learn, think and feel with a sense of compassion, non-judgment and curiosity. You will learn to listen to your breath and our bodily cues as feedback for when we have disconnected from our sense of compassion.

We will explore our personal experience of: “What is non-compassionate movement?” and how we can recognize when we have fallen into non-compassion for our selves? Non-compassionate movement creates an internal conflict between our imagined ideal of how we should beand how we actually are. For many of us self-aggression and creep into just about any area of our daily life and can manifest as repetitive stress-injury, stress, burn out and a sense of never being good enough

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Meditation by Donation

Meditation by Donation Classes

Drop-in anytime during these classes for a bit of inspiration, relaxation, regeneration and rejuvenation! The meditation hour will be divided into 15-minute segments of guided meditations to allow individuals to easily come and go as their schedule requires. Nourish and strengthen your mind with powerful messages and allow yourself a little time to relax and experience peace. Take a break from your day and give yourself the time and space you need to take care of yourself, so that you are better able to be peace filled as you accomplish that to-do list, achieve your goals, and manage all the pressures of everyday life.

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All Weekly Classes at:

A Space To Grow offers a variety of weekly classes that can support you during the journey through self-discovery, fertility, pregnancy, birth, parenting and beyond. Nearly all of our classes offer a Tea & Talk Time for sharing your experience, asking questions or to simply get to know the grow community. So if you are looking for greater ease in your body & mind, seeking support as you move into motherhood, or wanting to connect with a community for yourself or growing family….then A Space To Grow is the place to be.

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Some of My Workshops & Events

Feldenkrais 101: The Basics


Feldenkrais 101 is a three-hour workshop is a practical introduction to the fundamentals that underlie The Feldenkrais Method, a first step towards mastering the awareness and development of skillful movement.

In this workshop you will discover your innate intelligence and find out how you can awaken your inherent ability to learn, grow and heal. Brief tea & talk times will occur between lessons, while an discussions on how to best approach the Method are interwoven within the Awareness Through Movement lessons.

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Womb to World


All of the Womb-to-World prenatal classes utilize the gentle movements of Awareness Through Movement and are specifically designed for the journey of pregnancy. These classes are unique in that you will learn about your developing child, discover how to find greater comfort throughout your pregnancy, and learn to connect with the muscles necessary for birth. Each workshop also includes a tea & talk time to help generate ideas on how to continue a home practice and provide your with additional resources.

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A Space To Grow hosts a variety of workshops & other events–from support groups to movie nights.. Some of the workshops happen monthly, while others are bi-monthly, and still others are a special occurrence. Many of our workshops are half-day or full-day events. However, occasionally we even offer a full weekend retreat style workshop where you are guaranteed to go deep and learn lots. Please check the schedule to see what is happening this month.

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