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I LOVE Learning almost as much as I LOVE Teaching! I also believe that health, wellness and embodied learning should be accessible to everyone.  Thus, I strive to offer a variety of mind-body classes for students of a variety of needs and interests. That said, I all of the weekly classes are held in an intimate setting and limited to five people per class. This offers you a unique opportunity to receive the attention you deserve. So please make sure to register and reserve your spot: {CLICK HERE}

Most of the classes are also available to attend vie cyber space. So if you aren’t local to the Capital Region or if timing to get to my studio office is a constraint, then consider joining us live and on-line.

Weekly Class Schedule

Classes Cancelled on Thursday Feb. 13, 2014

Monday Nights @ 6:00 PM*

Zen Meditation:  A basic Introduction

Tuesday Nights @ 6:30 PM*

Awareness Through Movement® for EveryBODY- In each class, you are guided through a series of gentle movement sequences that create immediate improvements in personal awareness, posture, balance and flexibility

Wednesday Mornings @ 9:30 AM*

Awareness Through Movement: The morning classes are Perfect for Moms and More. Just in time for you drop you wee one off at school and then join in the Feldenkrais Fun! Gentle movements designed to help you feel better and give you the breathing space you need as an active mother. Space limited to five participants.

Thursday Afternoon @ 12:00 PM*

Awareness Through Movement: The Thursday noon classes are Designed Specifically for Those Who Experience Chronic Pain. Complete with a series of gentle movement sequences, mindfulness practices, and a supportive community. Space limited to five participants.

Thursday Nights @ 6:00 PM*

Awareness Through Movement: Much like the Tuesday night classes, the Thursday night classes are great for everyBODY  who want to move easier through the world. Space limited to five participants.

Friday Mornings @ 9:30 AM*

Awareness Through Movement: Couldn’t make in to the Wed Class? No worries, the Friday morning classes will get you moving along just in time for the weekend. Space limited to five participants.

*Registration Required. {Register Here}

January’s Theme

January’s Theme focuses on “Life’s Transitions” —getting up and back down again. These classes will be both challenging and practical, providing you with insight that you can apply instantly to everyday life.

Feldenkrais Classes

Awareness Through Movement  classes are designed to help you to improve comfort and enhance performance. In each class, you are guided through a series of gentle movement sequences that create immediate improvements in personal awareness, posture, balance and flexibility. LEARN MORE  >>


The Zen Based Meditation Classes include a 20-30 minute sitting meditation (zazen), a short walking meditation (kinhin), and chanting of the Heart Sutra. Practice Group Leader, Reuben Shojin Bruchez, will offer basic meditation instructions and an introduction to the format of zazen practice, so newcomers are encouraged to attend.  LEARN MORE >>

Request a Theme

Are you curious about something? Want to improve a skill or enhance comfort in a specific area? If so contact me to make a request for a monthly theme. {Click Here}

Feldenkrais 101


Feldenkrais 101 is a three-hour workshop is a practical introduction to the fundamentals of the Feldenkrais Method. FIND OUT MORE>>

Other Ways To Begin

1. Free Introductory Class: Join me for a free introductory prenatal class online—held on the First Friday of every other month.  The Introductory Classes are held via Google Hangouts online, so if you are new to the cyber classes then you may want to book a one-on-one consult to make sure you are ready to go.

Reserve Spot in Feldenkrais Class

2. be Moved. be eMused: Sign-up for the eMuse and receive FREE Feldenkrais Lessons & Guided Meditation Practices, Everyday Awareness Videos and musings that are guaranteed to get you moving. Once you register, you can expect to receive this tasty treat in your inbox every week or two.


3. Explore My Blog: The Conscious Movements blog is chock full of goodies! From Feldenkrais Videos to Birth Stories and Mindfulness Practices to Development Discussions. Heck there is even a bit Poetry in the mix, along with some AMAZING guest posts from muses around the world. So why not…

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