The Ins & Outs On Attending an Online

Google Hangout Feldenkrais Classes

We’re hitting the techno highway and blazing a new trail for how people can move, learn, socialize, interact and enjoy life on the internet with Google Hangout. Inspired by family, friends and people everywhere who don’t have access to a local Feldenkrais Practitioner in their area and my need to share the brilliance of so many wonderful experts from coast to coast.

Quick Note: Sometimes technical issues may arise so I urge you to be patient and carry on.

Here’s the Nitty Gritty on How


Do I need to be on Google+

Yes. Group Google Hangout events happen via Google+, so in short, you do need to have a Google+ Account. It’s as easy as clicking here and getting started. After you create your account, make sure to add me to your circles. This will allow me to invite you into the class with ease. Here is a link to my Google Plus Profile.

You also need to make sure to install Google Voice and Video Chat and be logged into your Gmail account at the time of the Google Hangout.

Once we get the ol’ cyber ball rolling, you will be able to start making requests for things you might be interested in (i.e. neck or shoulder comfort, meditation, comfort in sitting, improved walking/running…you get the picture).


Do I need to register with Conscious Movements?

Yes. Class sizes are limited so you will want to reserve your space. Also, please make sure to cancel at least 24 hours in advance so that another mover and shaker can join in the fun. To register simply go to my Book Online Page. Make sure you enter your email address as I will be sending you a link to the recorded lesson.

Please make sure that you have taken the steps necessary to access Google Hangouts. If you don’t do this before the class then I won’t be able to ‘invite’ you into the class.


Check your spam folder for a Welcome Email

You will receive a confirmation email once you reserve your spot. I will also be sending an email out a day or two before the class begins that will have a few tips on how to get ready for the class.  Make sure you mark it as not spam and/or add to your contacts. In addition, I send out emails once or twice a week with links to Audio Downloads that are complimentary for those that receive my emails, short videos that will inspire or move you, and announcements of up-coming events and classes. I promise never to share your information. If you prefer not to receive these emails, simply leave a quick note when you register for the class and I will keep you off the ‘general list.’


How do I get into the Class once I register?

Remember to register for the class as that is the only way I will know who to invite. About 5 minutes before the class is about to start I will initiate the hangout ad invite all those who have registered. So you will need to be logged into your Google account to receive the invite and enter the Google Hangout.


Do I need a fast internet connection?

It’s important that you have a good internet connection. Dial-up won’t work for video conferencing. If you can view a YouTube video, you can view the live hangout too. If you are invited to join the hangout and you have a low bandwidth connection and the video is not streaming properly, enable the “low bandwidth connection” option in the settings area.


What devices work?

To participate in a Feldenkrais Google Hangout Class, you can use a laptop or notebook computer, your smart phone or iPad. Most of the time your eyes will be closed and you will be giving your attention to your own experience. However, it is important that I am able to see you as this helps me teach in a way that is specific for what I see in your movement.


Prices Vary

Once a month I offer a FREE class. Beginning in mid-February 2013 I will be offering regular classes on line. These will range in price from $10-$15. There is a chance that a membership option will also be available down the line. All classes will be private unless specified otherwise.

What happens if I’m disconnected?

If you’re disconnected, just rejoin the Hangout. Just go back and re-click on the link that brought you into the class or the class page {you will learn more about that once you register}, and click on Join Class button. If you have issues or if I have issues with connection, please be patient.


Helpful Google Hangout Videos

More info from Google Hangouts: Click here to learn how…