Thank You! I have been moved to share this work freely with others for a years now. But as you know, I also need to make a living doing my work. My quandary has been how to strike a balance and what does that balance mean to me?

So I have decided to launch a Dāna Based Virtual platform in the fall of 2015 that will bring you a weekly recorded Awareness Through Movement® in both video and audio format and a short follow-up Conscious Play exploration.

What Is Dāna

Dāna (pronounced “DAH-nuh”), noun. Dāna is a Sanskrit and Pali term meaning “generosity” or “giving” of alms, donations, or materials, But it can also men a giving of energy or wisdom (dharma) to others. In Buddhism, it also refers to the practice of cultivating unattached and unconditional generosity, giving and letting go.

Why I Chose Dāna Based Practice?

Two reasons. The first is simple. It resonates with me. I was first introduced to the concept of dāna while attending a meditation retreat. I was simply told to pay what I could and what I felt the teaching was worth… a cup of tea, a pizza, a night out or a weekend away. To be honest, this approach resonates with me. I like the permission to honor where one is in life. I like the suggestion of examining what I might give up to give. I like the suggestion of giving that which I give up to another—knowing that my contribution might buy a cup of tea, a meal, or help to sustain the life of someone who has so freely given to me.

The second reason is a bit more selfish. You see, teaching on a dāna is itself a form of dāna. It helps me to nurture my own sense of generosity, trust, goodwill, gratitude, and a sense of community. The practice of generosity is a significant spiritual practice in its own right, the dāna system encourages me as much as it encourages you to engage in a practice of generosity. The question of how much to give in dāna has prompted me to reflect deeply on my own values, fears, and generosity. Believe me coming to the conclusion to create regular lessons that are available for free vs. creating products to be sold was no small decision. But I do believe that dāna is a means for expressing some of the best qualities of the human heart.

Three Ways To Give

Give Once

Did a specific class inspire you to give? Or don’t like having monthly financial commitments? Then this option might be right for you.

Give Monthly

Enjoying regular recordings and at place in your life where you can give back a bit each month? Then this might be the right giving format for you.

What Do You Wan To Give?

Surprise Me With A Book

Maybe you want to give something, but money just doesn’t feel right. Well you can always give me the gift of learning. To simplify the process, I have set up an Amazon Wish list. Please feel free to use it or to buy the book local and then send it my way.