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If you’re like most people you might need a little conscious nudge now and then to keep you movin’ and groovin’ or maybe you just want to get started. Immediately!

That’s why I’ve created a few Conscious Freebies to get you going – so that people just like you can get started on their journey of moving towards greater freedom. You have have a few options listed below.

1 Easy Peasy eMail

I send out regular issues of the eMuse that are chock full of goodness. From complimentary recorded Awareness Through Movement Lesson & Guided Meditation, Visual Inspirations & Quotes, Video Shares and Featured Blogs that are guaranteed to move you. You even get a little extra control over what makes it into your inbox. I promise that I’ll keep your details safe, and that I will never pass them on to anyone else. Find Out More About How You Can be Moved. be eMused→

2 M.E.M.A.P. Series

Secondly, I now share somewhat regular (every week or so) MP3 audio lessons for you to move and grove with. This particular share I am calling the M.E.M.A.P. series, which is short for—Movement, Everyday Mindfulness, and Awareness Practices. You can access these directly on the ol’ blog, sign-up to receive them in your inbox along with other blog musings, or visit the MEMAP Page. What ever floats your boat!

3 Daily Movement Mantras

Third, now you can receive a little daily dose of movement & mindfulness in your inbox. A simple phrase, a mantra, can be a wonderful way to bring your focus back to yourself. For some people reading a phrase is all the support they need. But for others, a little verbal guidance can go a long way. So, each mantra will come with a short audio, 1-3 minutes, to give you suggestions on how to best use the mantra of the day. {click here to see the latest mantra}

4 The eMuse Blog

Available 24/7 for your viewing delight! There are written posts and video shares galore on the eMuse blog. You can find anything from birth to earth! Including themes like everyday awareness, well being, Conscious Eats & Feldenkrais Explorations. Plus, there are some AMAZING Guest bloggers that drop in from time-to-time, so you won’t want to miss their extra special goodness. {click here to visit the Blog}

5 Video Love

One last bit of Cyber Love. I have gathered several fantastic videos for your viewing pleasure. Now you could search through the Blog, or just click the handy dandy link below and find the category that moves you. Plus, soon…very soon, there will even be some short Everyday Awareness bits put up by yours truly for the Jane and Joe on the go. To check out the Video collection simply {click here}

Moshe Feldenkrais

Without learning to know ourselves as intimately as we possibly can, we limit our choices. Life is not very sweet without the freedom of choice.

Moshe Feldenkrais

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