Feldenkrais Functional Integration

These personalized Feldenkrais lessons enhance self-awareness through skilled manipulation and gentle movements. You will lie comfortably on a padded table, fully clothed and supported. Your role will be to simply relax and notice what you are experiencing. I will move you in specific ways that allow us to better understand what movements are hard for you to access and which are easy. Slowly, new patterns of movement will be reintroduced, never exceeding your comfort level.

By the end of the lesson, most people experience improved posture and breathing, and find they are moving more efficiently and more comfortably. For many this includes a sense of physical and emotional well-being.

Maximizing the Benefits

To maximize the benefits of Functional Integration, I recommend that you have at least three sessions within a relatively short time (two weeks). To deal effectively with a particular movement problem then a course of six to ten sessions is recommended. Some situations, such as stroke or working with a child with special needs, might require a more long-term plan.

One of the best ways to work with the method is to take both Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes and Functional Integration (FI) individual lessons. For some people this may include coming to classes for others it may mean developing a home practice. Together, we will find an approach that works best for you. The idea is to provide you with the awareness, knowledge and skill necessary to empower you to work out what is right for you — from comfort & well-being to enhancing performance and personal development.

Learning Between Sessions:

Some simple movements and awareness exercises, or other suggestions for home practice may be given, in order to help you continue to learn from your session. You may also receive recorded Awareness Through Movement lessons to do at home.

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Watch a Feldenkrais Video

Both of the Feldenkrais Videos below offer a unique glimpse of what a Private Feldenkrais Session is like. Obviously, each Feldenkrais Practitioner has their own style and mine isn’t exactly like either of the practitioners featured here. However, these videos can give you a general sense of what a private session is like.

Barbara M.

I am in pain much of the time but after seeing Buffy my hip joints have not hurt at all.

Barbara M.

How To Get Started

1. Free Introductory Class: Join me for a free introductory prenatal class online—held on the First Friday of every other month.  The Introductory Classes are held via Google Hangouts online, so if you are new to the cyber classes then you may want to book a one-on-one consult to make sure you are ready to go.

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