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Buffy Owens

The heART of my practice: The place where curiosity meets development, and learning meets inner peace. The space in which all muses, mothers and munchkins are free to be  inspired and empowered through joyful experience & meaningful inquiry. The time when two people (or more) move together towards a common good/goal for a brighter tomorrow. The pace that each child,  each human, develops that is set by there unique physiology and innate interest and then respected and enhanced through touch & movement. The instant when we learn to shift a moment of suffering into a lifetime of curiosity.

Movement has been my back door approach to having conversations about consciousness. All that rolling around on the floor brought me to a place where I’m simply more interested in curiosity and love, and how they can transform any given situation. These days, most of my studies are about what I consider to be the most vital force in the universe: Curiosity. In particular I am interested in bringing what we think we are doing and what we are actually doing into a more unified experience and expression.


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(a) perceiving or noticing with a degree of observation (b) sharing another’s knowledge or awareness of an inward state or outward fact (c) personally felt


(a) the act or process of moving; especially a change of place or position or posture (b) a tactical or strategic shifting


I believe that if we are to transform our families, our communities, and our world – we must begin with ourselves.

—Buffy Owens

The Long Bio

About Buffy Owens

“Buffy has an amazing wealth of knowledge at her fingertips, and it is the variety and holistic nature of her background and expertise that leads to honoring the whole person……She challenges you to stretch beyond what you think is possible-and helps you to enjoy the journey!” -Jennifer Gunsaullus, Ph.D

Buffy Owens Feldenkrais Practitioner

Buffy Owens, the founder of Conscious Movements, is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (G.C.F. P.) with over 15 years experience in the mind-body fields. She is admittedly addicted to the art of learning and the wonders of meditation and mindfulness practices. She takes particular joy in supporting women through pregnancy and in enhancing the lives of children with special needs & extraordinary gifts.

Buffy’s commitment to the study and practice of the mind-body arts dates back to 1995, when she first began her studies as a massage therapist.  It was then, as she studied the anatomy and physiology of the human body, that Buffy simultaneously began to explore the spirit that moves the form through mediation and awareness based movement practices.

Eventually she traded in her massage table for more academic pursuits— earning a degree in Kinesiology with special emphasis in Psychology & Neuroscience. Upon graduation, Buffy went on to completed an extensive four year professional training program in the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education.  She now merges her practical training in movement education and academic studies with her passion for pregnancy, birth and early child development to create a learning environment that empowers women and their families.

Over the years, Buffy has provided movement education to a broad range of clients. From prenatal classes to expressive artists, college classrooms to meditation retreats, she offers unique and powerful classes in the Feldenkrais Method and mindfulness based practices.

Dedicated to serving her community, Buffy has volunteered as a Doula for Heart & Hands Doula program at USCD San Diego. She has also shared her expertise and passion through low fee Feldenkrais Clinics for Children and the Pregnancy Project here in the Capital Region.

In addition to her passion for helping others through the Feldenkrais Method and mindfulness practices, Buffy has a deep love for writing and has written as a columnist for the well-being section of PRIME, a San Diego publication geared towards people 50+; and has been published multiple times in IDEA Health & Fitness’s professional publications.

Additional Professional Development and Training:

  • Child’Space Training {Beginning August 2013}
  • Life Coach Professional Training,  Accomplishment Coaching
  • Mommy and Baby Yoga, Itsy Bitsy Yoga
  • Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Janice Clarfield
  • Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
  • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification
  • Labor Assistant (Doula) Training, ALACE

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