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Here you will find most of my favorite materials—from Feldenkrais Books & Audios to pregnancy and early development resources. If it’s listed I have read it, done it, and loved it! The bulk of these resources are from Feldenkrais Resources but some of the books come from other sources like Amazon. I do believe in supporting our local and small businesses, so before you purchase books online, please see if they are available with your locally. That said, I will also try to provide a link to the Kindle version for those of you who enjoy reading on your handy-dandy devices. The audios & DVDs, on the other hand, you will most likely need to purchase online.

All of the links shared here are affiliate links. I receive a small amount from each company should you purchase when clicking the link. Please, know that all earnings  from the affiliate programs go into a fund to bring my services to at risk women and families with high needs children. So choosing to shop through this site is a wonderful way of supporting others in their growth and development.

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